Just Woke Up And…


Yeah I was sleeping just now after exams and then stoned in Jeevan’s room for a while and charging my phone on his dock. Just when I was about to write a scrap post on my laptop, Mr Moses (the new guy), Mr Azlan’s assistant called me and ask me to receive a letter from the Administration.

The Uncyclopedia case lah.

It was said that it’s “defamatory in nature”. Sigh.

So I got myself into trouble.


Anyway… what can I ask for more, don’t kick me out. That’s it. You want to suspend, go ahead. As long as once the punishment is over, I couldn’t give a shit about this university anymore. Anything happens to this uni is non of my business.

All I want is to complete my programme, and leave this uni. That’s it. Enough said.

Will do the tag.



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One Response to “Just Woke Up And…”

  1. Anondy Says:

    do you know anyone else involved in the Uncyclopedia case? And I thought the Uni was only going after the people who vandalised Wikipedia?

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