*Omg* omgomgomgomgomg x Infinity


Yes… It’s almost 4PM and then I haven’t start studying and blogging when my exam’s at 9:30 to 11 AM tomorrow morning.

Bah. Whatever.

Happy Mother’s Day to all and my mum.

Parents called last night, was like chatting lor… lol.


Morning no hangover thank god.

This morning woke up and then Jeevan went and celebrate with his parents, I met them when they’re back. Kwang went Amcorp mall jalan jalan… *facepalm*

Me stones at Hon Chien’s house because I’m locked out of the house. =X

Anyway, hopefully I can tapao everything by tonight. I have a good feeling that my 1 + 3 + 3 = 7 attitude is coming back. I hope.

I really do man. Amen.

Now Playing — BoA – Smile Again

Hopefully I can smile again… Yeah……………

All these while… it’s just a mixture of feelings. No more no less. Matter of life and death? Yeah, for the defamation case.

Guess that’s what that makes life so colorful. But I don’t want it to be overwhelming, not a single soul in this world will be able to take it that way.

For the first time I’m using IE to blog. There’s bug in this browser for WP lah. Stupid IE.

Now Playing — BoA – Diamond Heart

Wow, just random. o_O Uh huh.


1337le kid =P



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