Hui Joo just told me that she went Damansara for the interview with Otis for an internship. My owa got banned and I received jack.

Internship… seriously, is it worth it? It’s like… meagre amount of payment… (well expected too), and cannot even cover the transport according to her. Which is quite true in fact.

Let’s see… after exam, lowyat plaza to hunt for dicota bags, then Toys R Us for rubik’s cube, then prolly ask Caleb when will he be able to come out.

Never have any plans to travel currently. Not in the mood, and don’t feel like doing it.


I’m just being myself again. Oddity supremacy. Try understanding me, you might strike a lottery if you manage to.

*Now only I know why I took cards, rubik’s, logs, and stuffs as a hobby… to hog the corners of my mind.



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