Java Done, 2 To Go


Yes, just finished my Java exam. Relatively ok. Fine with it. Way better than last time… that paper seriously cannot score, too hard ady.

Let’s see… last night was a real kicker.

After dinner, with Jeevan and Kwang, Ivan didn’t want to go (I am CS-ing over at Ivan’s place after finish reading everything and played rubik’s cube too) at the duck rice shop, met with Quek and Daniel and his two other friends. That was a really good meal, but around RM10. Still, it’s damn worth it.

I took Ivan’s cube and practiced before my meal too. Keep turning and turning until the second layer then I mess up everything and repeat again. Now relatively better.

Then, went back, took a quick bath, and went over to Ivan’s place. He’s sick, and fell asleep. So I went back Kwang’s house until he told me that (then only I know), and I went back. So went upstairs, played rubik’s cube, online… (that time his wifi got problem apparently cannot reconnect back and lilgirl was like so damn pissed… sorry =( )… Then chatted with her, and Ivan. Alex and Daniel later came in and somehow we started playing Monopoly… on Ivan’s comp. Nice game, me = lucky bastard, you know why? Alex surrender as he don’t want to play, then he gave everything to Ivan. The game turned so imba when Ivan have 2 hotels, and one visit = 1 hit ko. So apparently Ivan did the clicking for us, so I’m like chatting + rubik’s cube solving + playing. Apparently my character keeps getting money for some reason and Daniel actually went bankrupt earlier than me. Ivan exited the game when he tulan of clicking and his gf came. Named Stephanie Hiew. Lol.

So I have to move downstairs… ethics. =)

Continue chatting downstairs… that conversation is epic. Well, if I’m god, I would have go, “Tomorrow you will fail to answer 1 question and get the other 49 questions correct, the buggers who vandalized the cars will be run down by some lorry while running away, someone will leave this world *bah*, etc.” Lol.

It’s all cool. =P You see, if the government were to conquer all telcos and come out one with a decently cheap call / sms rate, wouldn’t it be beautiful? =P

Ehh… So Hon Chien came back, and CS-ed with him. That is when shit happens.

I was playing CS with Hon Chien, and was about to leave after I tapao him. Then he say let’s play against bots then I agreed, the game should end in 10 minutes. Lilgirl was like… err… asking me to talk instead of typing… so I talk lor. Then she go and perasan pulak. =P

Suddenly, we heard glass smashing sound, very loud, I was on my headphones, and if I can hear means it’s really loud. It happened in front of my eyes, 4 indian guys (or more) wearing helmets on 2 motorcycles (or more) went in, smashed the windscreen of a few cars, and ran.

Hon Chien was like shouting “Close the door!” I tried, but the damn headphones entangled my neck. =_= So I went to the door, and saw it with my own eyes, and then they left. Too bad the damn door was locked if not I can dash out and look at the number plate when they leave (well I’m not that stupid to dash out when they are still there lol).

The thing is, if I were to leave 5 minutes earlier, I’m dead. I thank God for saving my ass. Tho if I go out that time, I would have saved like… 4 cars at least?

Casuality List
Ivan’s Car (Back window gone, scratches)
Steph’s Car (What’s that called… err… Green damn the name… Not sorento… not latio… ah whatever front windscreen one hole, 2 parang ditches)
Volvo (Malay dude, windscreen gone)
Kelisa (Windows gone I think)
Kancil (Windscreen gone also)
Another car unknown.

Jeevan’s car (BMW 5 Series) and Quek’s (New Saga) remain unharmed. Same goes to Daniel’s Car (City) which is covering Kwang’s ass (Old Civic).

They turned back when they want to whack Quek’s car. Lucky dude. Tho he insist that they didn’t see the car because it’s BLACK (obviously talking cock lah lol).

Anyway, so I have to go to the police station as I saw what happened. Ah well, me, Ivan, Steph, Jeevan, Kwang squeezed in the BMW and went to Semenyih Police Station. Joker lah the policewoman, I actually joked with her XD I even asked her “Balai ini kecil lah…”

And a policeman came in with a MP5navy, no magazine. I said “wow toy gun”. Steph was like “Oh shut up… Why don’t you say louder…”

We still have to go to Kajang Police Station, and apparently a riot is happening at Batu Sembilan (the highway closing case). Took photos when we reach there as the MP of Serdang and some DAP ppl are there, so many reporters, and special force.

Kwang called, and I have to conclude as such. More updates later.

All in all, put talismans in your car. No joke, those who put it = their cars are saved and unharmed. You do the math.

I smoked Kwang’s house with incense this morning… he say he can actually smell it upstairs… to me it’s nothing XD

Be back for more action and photos.


*you know… you can just tell me what you want instead of asking me to do the opposite. =P*


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