Scrap 6:39 PM 5/7/2008


Now Playing — BoA – LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA

*stones* Just woke up. That was one of the weird-ass dreams I’d ever had. Which means I’m freaking tired and I regained some rest… at least.

Kwang went out with JC, I knew, I sense his presence in the room while sleeping, and then double checked when I woke up and peeked at the window.

Knocked on Jeevan’s door, me shouted something, only God knows what he’s doing.

Then you know when I’m stoned… I tend to have a tendency to double click on My Videos… then go to porn =X

It’s evil I tell you, it’s evil XD Harbringer of insanity XD

Abstain… leave me alone… it’s all in the mind… XD

Shit weh, like that I need to stress my mind even more. Gah. =P

All I have in my mind now, rubik’s cube, dinner, <insert here>. =P Hungry… Nyaaa~

Sometimes right… it’s like double kill. Just like that. Suddenly got headshot and then like kena resurrected and then got killed again, that kinda effect. Yes, that’s what you get when you chat with someone that powderful… level over 9000 XD

No lah, just that… I don’t know how to put it in words. More to like… “Are you a pedo?” then -> o_O?!!!!!

Or maybe I’m just like that as Anna thinks I’m weird too. Lol.

Meh, I need interaction. Not with computers =X

Come to think of it… the only time I talk to girls was… this morning… coursemate. Other than that, I never ever see girls around… Oh fuck. Sad weh… not like Taylor or Monash or some sort.

Nottingham… swt.

Woo trance.

Now Playing — DJ Tiesto – Ayla

Yes, I foresee today something else will happen. Just feel like that. I don’t know why. From morning until just now I somehow see that it’s a bit too weird today. What are you up to God?

Deja vu indeed. Bloody hell I tell you it’s scary, it’s not fun AT ALL.

I was chatting with Caleb half way until suddenly it’s like me travelling to the future 3 secs and came back. I virtually see what he’s gonna reply… I told myself “Alex chan~” and he replied that. I went like… *drops jaw to floor* Now, if only I can master it, I can really be a mentalist. XD

Fuck yeah.

I told you I will never look at life the same thing like how I look at it last time. Indeed.

My random chunted.

Now Playing — Brian McKnight – Back At One

Hungry… >_<

*stones at the lyrics of the song*

*looks into the sky*



Wait… isn’t that Valentine Kiss?! ZOMG

Now Playing — Hirano Aya & Katou Emiri & Fukuhara Kaori & Endou Aya – Valentine Kiss

Lol XD Konata… WTF XD

“Valentine Day Kiss XD”

BRB Dinner.

eXP. [6:56 PM 5/7/2008]

*edit* [9:20 PM 5/7/2008]

Shit I’m so demoralized, hopeless, and souless. My mum just called me just now and somehow rather that kind of effects kicked in… She was like saying what will I do on Mother’s Day… this and that and then when I go back I have to replace that day with something. That’s completely fine with me.

But my dad’s leaving the company soon. Aih.

I have a major mental breakdown now. Now still recovering, and java questions ain’t getting me anywhere. My phone credit and my hp number too.

Ivan didn’t reply me whether he wants to CS or not later. Sigh.

Which means this summer holidays… I have to work. Hmmm. It’s gonna be real busy. But what can I work as? CC Cashier again?

Now Playing — Goong OST – Crazy For This Girl

I like the lyrics of this song. =)

I really need to think of something… real soon.

God, please pull me through this misery, lead me through.


Man I just ate bak kut teh not long ago and I’m hungry now. Geeez.

One more month to go… I’m waiting for a change.

Ah yeah someone’s entering university life very soon, MMU. Good for her lor, always complain boring and nothing to do.

Oh Kwang’s sleeping this early. Probably he wants to wake up way early in the morning later. Ah well, guess I’ll move downstairs then.

Sigh. Man… =(

eXPeri3nc3. [9:33 PM 5/7/2008]

*Second edit* [11:49 PM 5/7/2008]
Ivan not at home, Kwang sleeping, even Hon Chien playing CS, then went to sleep. Man.

Thought of hijacking HC’s pc for internet… then router is not directly connected to the modem =X *facepalm* too bad…

Jeevan’s having orgasm with the UT2k4 sexy voice he put… lol.

Me? Recovering… Played bomberman too lol.

So damn hot. Wah.

I think I’ll go and hijack Jon’s rubik’s cube. Eh wait the manual is in Kwang’s room… shit. Never mind… I need to use the toilet later too. Guess I’ll sleep early.

Or maybe watch “My Sassy Girl’ again? *lol*

Caleb is performing in the streets… apparently he’s performing to kids… according to him lah.

Let me dig my MacMillan and look for the definition of “self-esteem”.

I pity my dictionary… never been utilising it much yet it turned so old.

Holy shi-


According to the MacMillan English Dictionary For Advanced Learners (International Student Edition), it was defined as:
self-esteem noun [U] * the feeling that you are as important as other people and that you deserve to be treated well: low / high self-esteem (=not much/ alot of this feeling) patients suffering from depression and low self-esteem.

Apparently, I’m the low self-esteem one. =\

self-absorbed (too concerned about yourself and not interested in other people)
— not that I know of
self-appointed (used about someone who behaves in a particular way because they think they have a right to, especially when other people do not agree)
— not that I know of too
self-assurance (relaxed confidence that comes from being sure of your abilities)
— I have almost none of them
self-aware (understanding what your own true thoughts, feelings, and abilities are)
— I’m delusional. You think?
self-belief (the belief that you can do things well)
— I believe otherwise
self-centred (too interested in yourself, so you do not think about what other people feel or need)
— I’m the opposite, in a way.
self-confessed (admitting to being a particular bad type of person or to having a particular negative quality)
— Yes, definitely.
self-confidence (the feeling that you can do things well and that people respect you)
— Yes, at times only.
self-conscious (embarrassed or worried about how you look or what other people think of you)
— One of my biggest challenges in life in fact.
self-critical (noticing and talking about your own mistakes and bad qualities)
— What am I doing now, excuse me? Lol
self-deception (the action of making yourself believe something good that is not ture, especially something about yourself)
— Well, it happens. Usually applied on others.
self-discipline (the ability to control your behaviour so that you do what you should do)
— On the way, working on it
self-disgust (a strong feeling of disliking yourself or disliking what you have done)
— Yes, definitely.
self-doubt (the feeling of not having confidence in yourself or your abilities)
— Kind of. Especially with girls.
self-fulfilling (something that is self-fulfilling is certain to happen because people think it is likely and then behave in ways that make it happen)
— Well, I thought God helps those who help themselves. *shrug*
self-incrimination (the act of giving information about yourself that makes you seem guilty of a crime)
— Err, it happens when someone ‘interrogates’ you.
self-indulgence (the practice of allowing yourself to have or do something special that you like very much, often something you should not have or do)
— Like *drawing circles on the floor*?
self-inflicted (a self-inflicted injury, condition etc is one that you cause yourself)
— Very true. In fact, I don’t even know why it always happen to me.
self-loathing (the feeling of hating yourself)
— This one… well, if I really hated myself I would have killed myself right? Lol. >_>
self-mockery (the practice of making yourself appear silly to show other people that you have a humourous attitude towards yourself)
— Particularly true. You don’t see me go OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG in real life lol.
self-preservation (the wish to stay alive and protect yourself from things that might hurt you)
— Which explains my withdrawal syndrome…
self-protection (things you do to prevent yourself from being harmed)
— physically yes, spiritually or emotionally makes no difference.
self-reproach (the feeling of being annoyed with yourself because you have done something wrong)
— Until this second, it’s still going on.
self-restraint (the ability to control your feelings and stop yourself from doing things that are not right or sensible)
— THIS is what I CANNOT control.
self-sacrifice (the behaviour of someone who chooses not to have or do soemthing they want in order to help other people)
— Believe in what’s worth. I hope.
self-sufficient (able to provide for yourself everything that you need, without help from other people)
— My foot, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is there for a god-damn reason.
self-willed (very determinded to do what you want to do, even thought other people argue with you)
— Kind of.

Being with her at times makes me able to find serendipity.

Well, if I have Fruity Loops, I might create a serenade… =P

Don’t think I can make it in time.

Ah well…

Now Playing — BoA – Happy Birthday

Yes, a girl wanted to celebrate her ex’s birthday. Uh huh. I stun there when I get to know that.

I wonder what are you doing at this time of the day.

Hmm,I plan to use Java and create a chiper. Just substitution of characters. Let me try to code now, wait, let me think of what chiper to use first lol.

zm$ +mmk oz #ecp+ cwcz… zm$ ocke oe dcjj dmp zm$… l$u+ jgke +#c+, wg+#m$+ zm
$ exen nm+gagni g+.
*above code deprecated XD*

Hmm the converter is working XD Just washed my face. Ahhh.

Need to change a bit, if not too easy to crack ady.

Ah… that’s nicer. =P Those who know me well will ask me for it. Hmm but the sad thing is it face problems when there is more than one line… Hmm…

Never mind, when you copy paste it just shows you the message, it’s not like anyone else gonna use it to encrypt lol. Forget it then =P


dgpu+ md cjj, uapew rB. fge.
ueamnf, u+er#cnge… u+er#cnge… u+er#cnge… zms’pe oz ergr#cnz crrcpen+jz.
+#gpf, g oguu zms ummmmmmmmmmmmm osa#. jmj. fcon g oen+gmnef g+. =r
dcjjgni gn jmxe wg+# umoemne gu gnfeef wmnfepdsj, nmw +#e mnjz qseu+gmn
jed+ gu gd mnjz +#e m+#ep rcp+z jmxeu zms…

eXPeri3nc3. [1:29 AM 5/8/2008]

[1:50 PM 5/8/2008]

Woot! Fully functioning! Finally. Lol. Implemented file reader and stuffs. Man. =P

Sense of accomplishment. Never bother to capture errors tho… as everything is parsed. Lol. Weeeee =D =D =D

Took a screenshot too. Lol.

Free Image Hosting at

If you have Java JDK, confirm can run this already. Lol. Platform-independent.

Yes Weroth, if only I can do this in Haskell… XD Our teacher ask us to do one… but… Haskell? No thanks. You know how to in Haskell? =O

Nat… can port this to VB? XD Good luck in your exam dude. =D

Lol lol lol XD Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~

eXPeri3nc3. ^^ [1:53 PM 5/8/2008]

“It’s fine, it’s just a 3 minutes song”.


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