Yeah, what could possibly explain more than that when I can’t get the meaning of cupboard out of my head. No, srsly no joke, I’m braindead by then.

Gah. Someone is making a fun out of it.

Anyway… today’s test… WTF.

Should have spent more time on OSI models and Javascript damnit T_T

Anyway, won’t fail lah I think XD

Jeevan broke Kwang’s bb gun… I almost got into trouble… grrr.

3 down, 3 to go.

Rubik’s cube~~~!!!11111oneoneone

Tally Ho’s…

Serem.. nvm.

Sleep…. zzz

I need to recover from this stress test real soon. Caleb was like hinting… let’s go after exams. I went… =O What? Ok lor you get all of the attention I just sit aside and see lor lol become a heckler XD

Owa… basket.

Willpower != Mentalpower != How far you can go physically

Now Playing — Shiraishi Minoru – Motteke! Sailor Fuku

I love wordpress new quicklaunch bar! Damn cool! That’s the shit I wanted. =P

In state of trance. Deja vu. Been thinking of the word “National Service” in exam hall and while I was going to town. This morning woke up thought of it too. WTF.

Guess my brain is dumping shitloads out lol.




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