Scrap 8:51 PM 5/2/2008


Now Playing — Kousaki Satou Vo:m.o.e.v – Gravity

“You are my gravity… gravity…” XD *I need adrenaline rush now*

Just came back from dinner, was at Ibrahim Maju with Quek, Jon, Daniel, and a few other random guys. Jeevan went to MidValley with his friends to watch IronMan after his exams, Kwang went somewhere in KL for dinner and movie. =__= WTF. My exams starting tomorrow. God.

Kinda… nervous maybe? No, don’t know what to do. Gah.

Let’s elaborate what happened previously.

Last night’s dinner… went to the ‘House’. Dine early, came back late. Why? The lady there forgot my Bak Kut Teh. KNS. Waited for like 1 hour only mine came… after asking them again where’s my order. Jeevan was like ranting a bit, then somehow or rather the conversation pissed me off. So I kept quiet as usual and Kwang say I emo. WTF man, differentiate stoning from emo and stfu-mode.

Came back, tried studying. I did. Messaged lilgirl, and I thought that she gave me a cold shoulder so I continue studying… an hour later my phone alerted me then I checked the message. Apparently I was wrong lol. She was chatting with her sister… and apparently her sister knows my existance. I went like, oh wow cool. Lol. =P Girls talk… Why lah can’t let me know a bit meh =P

Anyway, mum tried calling me, but failed, so after a while I tried calling back, then it went through. So chatted for a while. As usual, rantings from mum. =P

Then cont studying until 1 something… stoned downstairs, went upstairs, and went downstairs to boil some eggs for supper. Everyone in the house studying… for the first time, and 3 was partially nude. Lol.

After I tapao the eggs, slept. Cannot sleep I don’t know why, memories, thoughts overflowing in my mind. I hear snores from Jeevan too.

Woke up this morning at 6:30 AM! Jeevan’s alarm rang. WTF. Never mind, I thought he would wake up, after 10 times also he’s lying on the bed. So I continue sleeping till 9 something until he asked me why I don’t wake him up, I say “Dude, you straight away went back snoring after the alarm stopped, so I know how sleepy you are”. *facepalm*

Jon’s exam at 9:30 AM, Jeev and Kwang’s was at 3:00 PM.

I woke up early and went campus. Return the book. Gah.

Then updated my blog, check PM in LYN, etc.

Then I stoned there… and went back. I’m sick of drinking water, apparently it tasted so weird. Until now I also feel it. Bleh.

Lunch with Kwang and Jon, ‘Auntie’s Place’. Ate there, talked a bit. Jon ranting about his exams… this and that. Usual case.

Came back, stoned for the rest of the afternoon… Watched porn (I AM STONED), magic vids, vids, music, walked around the house, went down and boil some eggs again (and apparently I’m hungry that time), then only when Jeevan came back around 5 I started studying. *There goes several hours of my life*.

And yeah, so went out dinner, and came back. So here I am.

Now Playing — BoA – Be With You

I am addicted to chatting… online. I’m having withdrawal syndrome. Crap. I stone in real life… wtf. *slap*

Guess I’ll just end my ranting here.

BTW lilgirl, don’t take the Friendster testimonial TOO seriously. =P I need to catch up on her blog soon… No time. Wonder how many posts she have by now. *ponders*

Tomorrow’s first exam… Ahhh wish me all the best then.

It all depends on resolve huh. Does it not?

Karen commented in my Friendster. I stun there when she say my mum doesn’t recognise her. I went o_O? lol.

“Factory Sealed” – very very cool effect. I like it. *evil grin*

p/s — nat, no offline messages for me? XD

Walks on the battlefield and wish for the best to happen… May his Loved Ones bless him, in God’s name he pray,
eXPeri3nc3. [9:07 PM 5/2/2008]


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2 Responses to “Scrap 8:51 PM 5/2/2008”

  1. natakaasd Says:

    Sorry EXP. I’m busy trying to distract myself from the incoming exam. UrbanDead is LOL.

    Anyway, You’ve got my belated regards. 😉

    ~Havn’t studied yet…

  2. Stephanie Says:

    hahahahahha i love this post!!!!!!!!!!

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