Scrap 3:29 PM 5/3/2008 (3129 words)


*Speechless* Really, I am.

I was curious… so… I see 3G Coverage… and… and… I login to … then… then… I *covers forehead with palm*

*Drawing circles on the table*

*Heaves a sigh of despair*

*Wipes sweat off forehead*

*Scratches hair*


Before: RM2.23
After: RM0.03

I swear to god I’m not using 3G anymore. @_@

Was playing dota just now… Ah well.

Dad called, told him I need credit. I better hope he tops me up by tonight. >_>

I noticed this from the start… I found the inspiration, my inspiration to go further… just that this inspiration is out of the ordinary, and then… I also don’t know man… Life’s like this…

*My heart is pounding*

I wonder. I really really wonder. Cmon man what’s wrong with me >_<”

Should I slam on the wall? Should I, should I?

I should have followed Kwang out. Ahh.

Just now Bluescreen 2 times, once during defragging, the other I forgot. Bah.

Gaaaah I feel so dead. Talk about being down.

I hate you maxis, you should have told me about FAMILY Plan long long long cat ago. Basket.

But then for me no use also, I won’t really exceed that much… unless I call / sms Digi. Kyaaaa T_T


Walao… my winamp I tell you…

Now Playing — CaronNightingale – Promises Don’t Come Easy

Haih. Today’s exam ah… ok la. If we have more time to study definitely can score. I should have concentrate more on Chap 7 god damnit. Ah well. Just hope everything’s gonna turn well in the end.

I’m not really hoping for something in return… I really don’t… I don’t *sobs*

So, last night I was studying… stone here and there, exchanged 2 messages only with lilgirl and I… I… lol. =P

Anyway, Jeevan came back at 1. Damn late sial. Me and Jon manage to solve the rubik’s cube lol. XD

Slept, and woke up this morning… 8 AM. Damn early lah. ><

Bath, read a bit, boil eggs, makan, go uni exam.

Look at exam paper… =O OMGOMGOMG.

Then until the end whack down everything lah… Whack only.

Went out, straight away see the frustrations among us. Lol.

Next monday, Haskell. GOD forbid man.

If only I can forget what I just read… but hey. *remembers something*

“Be grateful to those who have abandoned you,
for they have taught you to be independent”

No one will ever understand me…

Looking at my diary… really reminds me of what I’d been through, that 3 months… I tell you it’s like Hell. No, worse than hell.

Ah yeah, I didn’t include this in the past scrap, but bah here’s the elaboration anyway.

It’s not that I could or not care less about it.

Like Quek said last night, “Life is about trial and error, try lah. Chilling lah.” Yeah with his usual tidak-apa chilling attitude.

Right song at the right moment!

Now Playing — Kenny G – Careless Whisper (Ft. Brian Mcknight)


*shakes head*

I’m so silly. I am.

Wonder when lilgirl is going to MMU.

I’m not as frustrated as last night… What the hell happened to me now?! PMS issit?!



I suddenly feel like watching ‘My Sassy Girl’ and cry the shit out of me lol. *facepalm*

Ah yeah, back to topic XD

I move on and on and on. Just like that, ok maybe after a few vertex of ups and downs… Suicidal moments (can’t breathe)… and *omg*

Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Pop! Goes My Heart

I love you Winamp. *muacks*

It’s just implying what I really want to say… I went NS, and I was never expecting anything, ANYTHING to happen at all. Then everything started to stack… stack until the point where I almost went crazy. But I manage to pull it through. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… apparently not.

When I drink my bottle of water my tongue taste like medicine… Swt.

“I say I wasn’t gonna loose my head… but then pop, goes my heart…” – Indeed.

Opening of Music and Lyrics… I’m like =O Did Jeevan give me the correct film? XD

*Sings along with the song*

Walked into my life. Just like that. Opened the door. Then god knows what happens next.

Oh damn I’m hungry. Kyaaaa >_<” Random thought – Susan’s coming back Malaysia. Wonder how’s her bf. Lol.

Now Playing — BoA – Best Friend

I really feel like slapping myself now. Lol.

Just glanced through my scrap posts… way back then. I lol’d. That’s just not me.

The same thing now. This is just not me.

*Gives the sky a blank stare*

Some girls said that they like serious guys… some prefer funny guys… some prefer both. I wonder what a guy wants in a girl. Me? Yeah I know I’m a guy thank you very much.

Dream girl… this question shocked me that time.

But I know why I don’t have one. This world is unrealistic. To the max.

Damn you Caleb, you’d been practicing huh? Lol.

One hand shuffle. Hmm. *Glances my ghost deck*

Ah forget it.

I’m thinking this for quite some time… in fact for… 2 years? I should not have started ‘it’. Never. Why lah, curiousity killed myself.

Abstain = Refrain (Oxford Minidicitonary) Kwang’s one. I forgot where I put my Red Thick MacMillan.

Now Playing — –q–ì—RˆË Feat. Aura – Euforia [Angelic J-Trance Remix]

This song never fails to amuse me.

Aww fuck no credit cannot sms Kwang. *facepalm*

I think I really have to make a decision. Stop, let it continue, or just see what happens.

It’s like pointing a gun to your head, “To pull or not to pull”.


I think I’m having a mental breakdown.

Yeah right…

Damn I think I look like I’m gonna die. I think I am.

There’s just another week… *God Knows*

Now Playing — Dj Lizz – God Knows…. (Angelic Trance Remix)

I think I remember why I took that pack of cards and started practicing magic. Sudden inspiration… oh Kwang’s back. Damn XD

Err… yeah. Maybe. Sudden inspiration can only bring me to this level… and the rest, it all depends on my perserverance. Speaking of which it’s been a while since I last got that item. XD

Bracer… Braces… wtf.

Maybe for once in my life I should do what I think it’s correct and don’t give a damn about what other people think.

Yeah here we go again.

I remembered I said this once… If only life is like computer. Press the reset button and forget about everything.

I’m lost… I’m delusional… I’m… 4 In The Morning?

Now playing — Gwen Stefani – 4 In The Morning

Oh I can still remember this song… Like hell I would forget this song.

I’m just too obsessed with it. Why?

Caleb… if you’re reading this… you got my Tally Ho’s?

Crap I’m writing a thesis here. XD

No wonder my winamp is not shuffling. =___=

Walao eh, I can die if I continue listening just now.



I think I can declare this day as like one of those soulless bastards’ life. What am I talking about?

Now Playing — ryan cabrera – sampler – true

Lol I just walked out of the house, walked around and walked back into the house. =X *facepalm lol*

“HIM! It’s HIM!
The harbringer of insanity approaches!!
He holds in his hands the subtle fragrance of death…
He’s coming for me atop his black iron stag!!”

“There’s a… a Voice coming from th…there
The voice I… it c… calls…
out… f… for… me…”

“Soon, the Sun’s bright light shall too, be lost.”
“Fate has driven you forward”

Lol the bat logo on that SR-71 spyplane damn cute weh. Lol. =P

Hellsing Ultimate OVA vol 4. FTW.

“If thou wouldst dress the dead and play amongst them…
Thou shalt join their ranks.”

Ouch… that hurts XD

Lol wtf he just bit the bullet, just like that XD

Wow, strangle her on his left hand, use her revolver and pierce her heart… WTF.

OMG she actually moaned. =X *facepalm*

“Sieg Heil!” You fucking Nazi’s. XD

“What do you think she would choose to do?”

“‘Giving up’ is what kills people. It’s only when a person refuses to give up no matter what… that they earn the right of walking down humanity’s noble pathway.”

I was awaken.

“But the enemy is no longer Allah…
The God this time…

WTF you Vatican swines. XD



This is probably one of my longest entries… no maybe not. Lol.

eXPeri3nc3 [5:07 PM 5/3/2008]

*Edit* [9:08 PM 5/3/2008]
You see, bathroom is a good source of inspiration. I just took a shower after dinner in Broga. Err, with Kwang, Jon, Jeev, Daniel and Quek. MU vs WestHam. Woot. 3 : 1 just now, then half time and we left. WTF Ronaldo used his groin and hit the damn ball in. WTF. Anything goes, as long as MU wins… Why? Michael Chung supports MU! Lol I don’t want to screw up my paper (Haskell G51FUN) It’s not FUN at all =P But anyhow we ARE and WILL screw in that paper. Gah. Whatever.

I remembered something I read in the afternoon… I need to clarify.

“How I wish girls do that too” — Refers to girls watching porn, not masturbating in public fgs… well I don’t really mind about that too… I’ll probably say, “You know you can just walk to the bushes behind, a bit shady, cooling, want to have some fun?” =P No lah. *facepalm*

Man… I need to clarify each and every single sentences. If not it really makes me LOOK wrong. There goes my rapport. Sigh.

As it is being called ˆ–™•¨@¢”““’‰„ is bad enough. =P

Special mah… Lol.

Anyway, being better after watching Hellsing… tell you what anime is a good source of enlightenment too. Lol. I virtually got myself mindfuck whilst playing Zuma, and I told myself, The Devil is there to mindfuck you, it’s all in your mind. I made it to Level 8 *facepalm* Now I understand the power of the mind… It’s all really in the mind. How you think, what you think, spiritually, mentally, physically will be affected.

It’s like… ok, I’m fat, short, ugly, or even fugly, and I suck in life. Then you will start to act like one, because the society “frames” you in such a state and you’re NOT willing to change. Thank you Marius, love your newsletter.

Now Playing — Justin Timberlake- What Goes Around…Comes Around

Sounds cool. Yeah.

I always complain… I do this do that, sacrifice so much, yada yada yada, and all I have is… point blank / depreciation / loss. I mean, yeah lah, humans are like that in general. Then again, you don’t really hope for something which will and would not happen / exist. In a more easy way to understand what I’m trying to say =P, think of it this way. You spent your time with a girl, late at night, sms or call her, always talk to her, accompany her to somewhere, any time, any place, when she needs you you will definitely think of a way to appear beside her in less than 3 seconds (yes even Mr Flash can’t do that), give her presents, little gifts, presents, or maybe cars, condo, ring, <insert here>, etc. In the end, when everything starts to go apart, you blame yourself lah, the girl lah, both of you lah, parents, friends, rivals, spannar-ers, <insert here>. Have you actually blame yourself for doing it? Don’t ever blame God, it’s your choice to start it at the first place. All God do is to connect and build that little bridge in front of you, you are still the one to decide if you want to walk on the bridge.

Crap, I’m preaching. Lol. No lah, but ultimately, been there, done that. Still doing it too. But now, what I have in mind, I do what I like, and if I believe it’s worth it, it’s worth it.

Why I waste my time to buy cards and practice magic that time? It’s worth each and every second of me performing and let other people enjoy. *God I wish I have supporters in that too now =(*

Now Playing — Grammy – The Real Slim Shady

Come to think of it, why not just let it be. As in, ok lah, fine, see how everything turns out sometime in the future… but right now it’s time for an extreme makeover (have you heard of or watched that show?), it’s a good time now. Oh yeah David is sleeping under me, as usual… I mean under the table lah… =P

Oh waw… ( <- ‘waw’ pun intended)

Now Playing — Apologize (Feat One Republic) – Timbaland

Lol, kinda solemn, but I like this song apparently. Good for me when I’m emo-ing =P

You know, to get “those kind” of replies, it’s worth it. Each and every alphabet of it. Just a lil bit quirky, and that cracks the heaven out of me. Seriously, now if I come to think of it, although it’s kind of vague… At least… It’s not a bot. =P Likewise… I do not own anything. I mean it’s natural… So… haha.

All these while, I’m just being a wuss. Can’t help it, that was how I originally am, I was brought up that way. Society, environment, culture, whatever you can think of, it’s there.

“Hate myself for loving you so much… Oh I hate myself for falling back in love…
Never been good at words I want to say… I sing my love for you…
I’ll just let the music, mix with my tears…”

Now Playing — “Wo Yao Jin Re” (yes notepad++ cannot type unicode chars <_< )

Well, I can still remember this song… Keep repeating this in NS. Lol.

All no thanks to… uhh, what’s his name again… *shit* ah yeah Kok Hin. I wonder how he is… gonna ask him to come out when I go back Kampar soon. Lol.

I can still remember how I hijacked his phone lol.

Mandarin song… very very sad lyrics. Tho don’t ask me why I repeat this song last time XD I have no freaking idea *maybe I do lah lol =P*

Stomach feels better now… I think it’s due to the medicine… I drink water I taste it like there’s something inside… I hate to drink water… or maybe it’s just Kwang’s house tap water. Bleh.

I hereby officially announce that this is gonna be the first longest post in my blog. Not even Ee Sean’s page can match this post. Beat that. Lol.

Yes, 3G really kills. My mum top-up for me ady… thanks mum.

Ah yeah she was like message me and like “Are u sleeping ? Can i talk u ?” Lol. I never knew my mum is so good in shorthand lol. Learned from me I guess =P The catch is… I’m left with RM0.03… so have to use Jeev’s hp to sms… then she called. That was seriously a good chat, never had such a chat since small… =P I wonder why… today enlightenment issit. =P

The best part is, my DAD is actually listening to what I said on the phone… I went like eh where’s daddy… she say happily listening to what I say… I went like oh sweat lol. XD

Hmm *ponders*

Let’s see… chill out for a bit longer, then start work. Need to crack my head for Haskell. Bah… =S

Well… password posts are overkill, I can just do this anyway ˆˆˆˆ@¨–¤@ƒ•}£@™…„@£ˆ‰¢@‚…¢‰„…¢@ˆ…™ and no one but someone I let them know to read this… Muahahhaha bite me.

Tho I won’t attempt fate and look for trouble anymore in the University. Hell no, I am NOT going to CARE about ANYTHING in UNIVERSITY anymore. Be it loopholes, gossips, whatever. Forget about it.

And yes, natakaasd, I seriously think that I need to ditch this blog. Just in case. Lol.

I’m gonna see how the fairytale goes when lilgirl enters MMU… or maybe matric. (I always prefer to say matrix, it sounds way cooler =P)

Now Playing — BoA – Gyappu ni yarareta!

Well, guess you call this feelings that can’t be explained… =P

Anyway, someone’s in the room. BRB. =P

eXPeri3nc3. [9:34 PM 5/3/2008]

Another edit (ididitformyself) [1:36 AM 5/4/2008]

Quek taught me how to solve the rubik’s cube… finally. Thanks dude. They are now enjoying UT2k4 after leaving me alone from CS lol. Am studying Haskell… man, it’s gonna be a miracle if I can do the questions in exam. It’s like… wtf man.

Anyway, my heart beats faster everytime I think of her… I don’t know why. Just can’t help it. I really miss you, even though you are not related to me at all. Geez.

“There’s always the Devil that mindfucks you, it’s all in the mind”. Yes, I can accept that, but apparently I fail to tell myself this “She doesn’t love you, she doesn’t like you, she hates you, she wants you to forget her, <insert here>, she thinks you’re hentai, etc…” Lol XD

*wipes sweat off the forehead*

*Heaves a sigh*

My heart pumps faster because of a girl… not because of exam… Now how cool is that XD *facepalm*

Where’s the song… *adds to playlist* No wonder, Kiss – Because I’m A Girl (Mandarin version) is not in my playlist… Ah so that explains it.

Now Playing — Jon McLaughlin – So Close (Enchanted OST)

Nice song…

Quek tried to persuade me to play UT2k4. Alamak *facepalm*

Damn I used a lot of *facepalm* today huh…

o_O Now Playing — Motteke! Sailor Fuku [Metabo Taisaku Mix] (Need I say more for the o_O?)

Maybe I’ll try to use Haskell to replace her in my heart…~

I never knew about this for all this while… Since the day I was born until now… that there exist a kiss called goodluck kiss. =P Lol.

I read at that and I actually went like… err, *rubs eyes* what happened to the “>”? She felt hungry and eat it ady issit =P That was my adrenaline injection for this morning… was it not?

*looks at it… to press or not to press… to press or not to press… kyaa~ ~_~*

Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Meaningless Kiss

*swings according to the song*

“But you didn’t want me to… Oh no”,
eXPeri3nc3. [1:53 AM 5/4/2008]

Third edit XD [2:53 AM 5/4/2008]
Old messages ftw! I see the light again… lol XD [2:53 AM 5/4/2008]

[Addenum — I know I know… My readers will for sure complain about this post XD]


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    u……u…… what?!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    hahahaha.. poor thing.. wasted 2 bucks on 3g… hahahahahahaha
    my sister wasted 9 bucks on that…. hahahahahaahha

  3. Stephanie Says:

    eh today i heard the taiwan version way back into love!!!!! sang by ping guan and fish leong… quite nice lo.. but i can sing better.. LOL.. =P

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