I’m here in the comp lab, without my acc, yeah banned. Damn @#$%^*(

I didn’t receive marks for assignment, this and that, ANSWER for Haskell questions (this is the one that make me really pissed off).

… and I think I saw Anna just a few secs ago. Hmm.

Gah. Tonight… we dine in… Semenyih. XD

Just came back from Bangsar… after sending Jon back to his house. Entered his house… wooo nice. The damn dog humped on me and Jeevan too lol. That dog is nice, just that… needs to be castrated. =P


@Weroth — If I sms you with the number I received from your sms, will you be able to receive it?

Need to brush up on… almost everything. Damn lol.

Screw ban.

Guess the upcoming summer holidays isn’t much of a summer holiday for me. Got a lot, A LOT of work to do.

Yes lilgirl how naughty you can be huh =P

BRB. Scrap posts not with me, it’s back home. =\


*6:41 PM Edit*

My mum called me that day… 10 mins talk… and I actually forget that Mother’s Day is coming. XD

Well, I’m isolated from the internet, from information, and from TV. I know jack. So she was like hinting. XD

Yeah lah yea lah I’ll think of something soon mum =P

Nyahahahahahhah XD *just feel like yelling like that XD*
Friendster… lol. Facebook sux! Woot. *come shoot me you facebook-tards XD*

Lol, Ididitforthelulz.

*Jeevan just whacked me on the shoulder* =P

Erm, ah yeah dad, I’m gonna get you a daughter-in-law… quite soon. =P

The best thing is, I actually forgot my friendster’s password XD.

JPA. Just Preaking Awesome.

[6:45 PM 5/5/2008]



2 Responses to “Hmm…”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    haahhaha lilgirl horny? OMG how can she bcome horny wan?!
    i hate facebok too.. =P.. say hi to anna lar….

  2. weroth Says:

    yeah, just sms to that number

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