Scrap 2:25 PM 5/1/2008


Scrap 2:25 PM 5/1/2008

Now Playing — Drew Barrymore & Hugh Grant – Way Back Into Love

Just came out from shower. Went to Jeev’s room and he’s playing ‘Meaningless Kiss’ the same time as my laptop. Lol.

So, last night, went to a doctor during Dinner… and yeah the guys went to Pasar Malam lol. Walked around, and then they will go to the VCD seller for porn… They were making a joke on the purple basket and tempted me to go and touch it. =__= I’m not that stupid not to know what’s in there man.

Walked around, there’s only two things that caught my eye there, 1. The Thai Amulet Stall 2. 2 girls

1. The Thai Amulet Stall
Well, I walked past and I went wow omg. Geez Kaspersky bitching to update. Gah. Anyway, so I stoned there for a while, look through, and I see the one Keong wanna give me during the end of National Service. The one that closes the face. Oh that one powderful good stuff man. Lol. So I told Kwang and others I’m gonna walk around while Quek accompany Daniel (that doesn’t go near those sections) and the rest you know lah. Jeevan was not there as he joined Ruben for dinner. Ah yeah forget to talk about the story of David… how can I miss that. Ok wait wait…
So, second round, I walked back to the shop, bend down and look for a nice hook. Mine’s old, and not nice, I picked one, and cost me RM5. Hmm. Ok lah… it looks cool, rather than my current one. Then I asked the stallowner whether those amulets can be brought inside the toilet or not… She says it’s alright, whereas Keong told me not to. I wonder who to believe… Tempted to get it, but… my dad will always ask me not to. Looked at every single piece of amulet there, and walked away. There’s some huge as ones hanging too…

Now Playing — M2M – Pretty Boy *Can I be yours? =P*

2. 2 girls
Actually there’s just one very outstanding, but the other one is very decent looking too… Man they’re getting extinct issit. Meh. Anyway, I walked past, first glance at the first one… I went, “Oh, so pretty girl does exist in Semenyih.” Second time while I was walking back to the Thai Amulet Stall I heard he talking to a Cina Pek, and second scan. I can give 9.9 / 10 on the spot XD She’s one of the cutest but arrogant ones I’d seen… for her age.

Second one nothing much to shout about as she’s just pretty, nothing else. =P

Only the first one really manage to get my attention.

Ok, back to evening’s biggest hit – David bit Jeevan’s lil toe and bleeded.

I was playing dota at first… with Jon. My Medusa trashed his Omni (20mins) , while his Luna trashed my BeastMaster (Full Game) T_T Then we changed to CS. Playing halfway, then Jeevan came in to tell Kwang to move his car. Suddenly David growled at Jeevan (as usual) but this time he charged and attacked Jeevan. I’m like “WTF” and turned back. I can see Jeevan shouting at David, twisting its head with one hand on its neck, and shouted “You bit me! I’m gonna kill you!” The dog is actually drooling on the floor + peed. Then he threw the dog, and the dog actually… whimpered. Lol. First time, even Kwang was like “Eh that is the only time you can hear David whimper”. Jeevan’s last toe bleeded tho. Jon was like, “Eh, what happened, what happened?” *facepalm* Aftermath, Jeevan asked me at night, what did he do =X He actually don’t know what happened… He really lost his temper that moment. Wow.

At night, studied a bit… a bit. After a few rounds of CS that is, until Quek came and nag me to play with him. He gave me some time to study while he go and mess up Jeev’s Desktop. So I studied… a bit. Then I misscall lilgirl… she’s like… “Miss call = miss me lolz.. Joking.. :p” I tell you that moment I’m like… *lol* then “what am I supposed to reply, she just said what I wanted to say =P”

Anyway, got scolded for not studying (wow, it’s like 1 hour ady… 3:29PM Crap… I was doing something just now… distracted)

Now Playing — Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way Back Into Love (Kwang’s speaker + Jeevan’s speaker sync timing woot!)

Finally… ah. Lol =P

So, I got scolded for not studying, so I study lor… =S Played CS after that, then studied a bit more, sleep.

Woke up this morning at 9, sleep again till 12. Lunch, came back, took my bath and blog until now. Yes, until now.

*hummes the song* *ponders*

I know you’ll be there for me in the end“,
eXPeri3nc3. [3:35 PM 5/1/2008]


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3 Responses to “Scrap 2:25 PM 5/1/2008”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    i also wanna see the leng lui’s pictah 😛

  2. BQ Says:

    Eh, should’t you be spending more time on , ya know, like doing something to , ya know like getting better results than last sem? Study SMALLBOY!

  3. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Lol Brian,

    You know clearly know that I can’t do jack for ISE and Funct Prog (FUN konon) =\

    It’s just a scrap anyway… and I don’t have a single room like you to begin with =P I share with seniors currently… if you get what I mean.

    Never knew you lurk here too. Damn I should lurk moar.

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