Scrap 1:55 PM 4/30/2008


Scrap 1:55 PM 4/30/2008

Finished one random stupid match of DotA by my own versus AI Plus. I really have no mood to do anything now. Just went down and stared at Kwang’s message + ‘Ah Long’ money list downstairs… “eXPeri3nc3 was here”.

Now Playing — Kingdom Hearts – Hear Me Cry

*hummes along with the song*

Last night, after dinner, planned to study… a bit. Did some notes, like 3 sentences?

Too many people in the house, Daniel, Quek, then Hon Chien came over also. Jeevan and Quek was busy playing UT2k4, while Jon slept, Daniel stoned with the rubrik’s cube. Kwang was with JC (with their own gay business =P), while I’m trying my best to study.

I told Kwang last night… “Tenwa” (telephone) then 1 second later he received a message. I’m like, holy shi- that’s premonition alright.

Fulamak nice song~

Now Playing — Kousaki Satou Vo:m.o.e.v – Gravity

The dog is stoning under the table XD

Anyway, so, after that I went down when I gave up studying, and played with the rubriks cube as well. I taught Daniel the basics of completing the first layer without matching the 4 sides (which is actually useless). Then, I moved down and studied down there, less than 5 mins then Daniel called Quek down to solve the damn thing, and we asked him to teach us. =P

Apparently first and second layer isn’t that hard (now), I’m left with the last step. It’s so damn funny when Jon cursed at Daniel “Mahai which block don’t have blue? The one that don’t have BLUE lah knnccb” XD

We laughed out loud.

Then, Quek left with Daniel, I moved back upstairs, washed up and slept in Jeev’s Room.

This morning, woke up, Jeev told me to check my phone, then I started messaging, again.

Lilgirl sent me an mms last night, while I am asking for inspiration, guess my prayers are answered… (not all tho =P)

So she told me this, that, that thing, and I went sweat. Guys like to show you huh… *facepalm*

No news since then.

Now stoning in Kwang’s room when Kwang and Jon just woke up not long ago (due to the MU vs Barcalona last night) and Jeev went to uni, I refused to go as I know I cannot study there.

Wait, I should be studying. T__T

I left out quite a lot of details in my scrap. No point putting them in too. Might be a bit too personal. Even that’s not the case, just… never mind. It’s the internet anyway.


Now Playing — UVERWorld – D-TechnoLife (PV Rip)

I just noticed, I’m back with flue, cough, and sore throat… KNN I think I better visit a doctor.

Ok, emoticon post.

<_< – not pleased, sick, or damn
>_> – swings the other way and still the same as above
>_< – not pleased
>w< – used only when chatting with girls
>W< – extremely horrified version of the above
~_~ – stoned / blur
@_@ – at life
=O – omgomgomgomgomgomgomg
*facepalm* – as mentioned
*headdesk* – never really use this
=) – smile
=3 – cat smile
*drawing circles in the air* – stoned / humiliated / sad
=D – happy
=( – down / gloomy / sad
=s – puzzled
=P – turn your face 90 degrees left and you will see it lol
^^ – happy (used when chatting with girls)
omg – OMG
WTFBBQPWND – yeah, pwnd at life
(^_^)/” – Bye [never use this before]
=X – *oops*
=\ or =/ – err…
xxxxxxxxxxxx – kiss / *chu*
*wub* – blush / missing someone
… – zha dou / sad / speechless
swt / =_= / -.- – *swts*
gg – good game
heh – laugh
erm – hmmm

Now Playing — Crystal Kay – Motherland

FMA… woot.

Why I feel so damn stoned now… Nani kore~ ah!?

Guess that’s the feeling when *you miss*
someone in life where the person *you love*
is not related physically to *doesn’t love*
you, but yet you just can’t help *to loving*
and be in this state.

Now Playing — Kingdom Hearts II – Theme Song

Yes Weroth, I want the full album of it… Email transfer from Aust? =P

Stop procrastinating basket.

Ah yeah Jeevan showed me something and I took it:

“My heart throbbed and I hid my feelings behind a smile”



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7 Responses to “Scrap 1:55 PM 4/30/2008”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    neko smile! =3 =3 =3 =3 =3

  2. weroth Says:

    “tenwa” = denwa. in kanji one for electric and one for conversation.

    >>Yes Weroth, I want the full album of it… Email transfer from Aust? =P
    I’ll get it convert and upload

  3. Stephanie Says:

    dian hua isit.. ur mandarine ar……………

  4. weroth Says:

    yeah, that’s right. sounds similar. er…no, I don’t know mandarin.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    lol no offence ^^

  6. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    @weroth — I thought it’s always tenwa in katakana =\ Never mind, I’ll use denwa instead.

    @Steph — it’s in Jap. =P

  7. Stephanie Says:


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