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Muahahaha XD

May 31, 2008

Weeeeee~ Me Voodee and Viruz pwnd them all! Muhahahah lc summore lah cbkiaz. Go crash and burn.

Saved the replay too… my best Juggernaut. ^^

Anyway, I’d watched err… 5cm/s. Damn damn damn damn sad weh. Tho I didn’t emo nor felt like crying… it’s just pure sadness for me. Mellowed lah… ofc… duh.

It’s a good watch. Animation engine damn good… each and every detail… every corner… how the snow appears… nice weh. They really paid a lot of effort in rendering the Anime. Thumbs up to that.

Story line same as Hoshi no Koe… just that this one animation is nicer (IINM), and then this one there’s 3 chapters. Always guy meet girl since small, both like each other, then got seperated. Guy will meet another girl. =__=

The theme is solitude… according to Weroth. Good job for recommending this anime XD

I ❤ it.

… and the girl character damn pweeety =P

Guy damn handsome too =P

*Sunday edit

Best part of the anime.

The guy and the girl.

A letter the girl wrote for the guy.

Look at how much detail they paid in the anime.

The train.


Hmmmm. Ate a fortune cookie… and got this:

You will share great news with all the people you love =)

Yeah the smiley face came with it. Hmm.



Ah well.



May 31, 2008

I’m back~~~~

Minasan… kombawa. Alex-chan des. <- I know it’s incorrect but what the hell XD

Yea… been to hell and back.
SUPPOSSEDLY I have to sleep by 11. Then I purposely drag my time until 12 something… well… then after that Steph asked me 1v1… then ok lor… then suddenly her friend pop-ed in. =_=

So I have to leave… hoping that I would forget about it and sleep.

Apparently it’s not the case, as I’d past my sleeping time (either I sleep at 11 or 4). So… yes, I fail to sleep. My brain just won’t shut down, and it keeps on playing and playing and playing. Random stuffs, particular songs, particular venues, particular premonitions, particular photos, particular moments, particular experiences, particular photographic memory… man.

Yes, the brain keeps looping. Until 3 am. God. First hour… songs… never mind. 2 am. Then went to toilet and come back a few times still cannot sleep. Geez. Drink water. Sleep… cannot. Wake up, roll here and there, change direction, position, place to sleep (yeah at last at around 4). Second hour… photos hauting my memory… I refuse to believe but let’s just leave it as it is… it’s not ‘important’ anyway.

3rd hour, mellow-ing effect. now this is the hardest part… imagine human head with sheep body jumping over the fence when I’m counting sheeps to sleep. WTF. Err, what else, “seeing things”, etc… you name it.

Scary huh, don’t be. I beh tahan ady then I go and sms horny smacky, then she replied she finished dota and don’t know what she is doing in that game. I’m trying my best to cast cancel lol.

In the end, the retaliation stopped, after her message kicked in. Like 15 mins later? XD

Woke up at 6:45 AM… god it’s just like barely 3 hours of sleep. Took a bath, dressed up, and ate breakfast, then sat that SLK (small little kancil) to Tambun, Ipoh with 2 guys behind and a girl in front. Was half awake that time… so blur.

Went there, registered ady, attended the blind colour test, full marks ^^ and then went into the classroom. Well that’s where the fun begins… I know the first instructor is boring in his tone… but he does make jokes… for those less educated people from ‘chinese schools’ (no offense) which they deemed that they NEVER learn Malay… the instructor straight away shoot back lol.

Swt… why deny, just say that you suck in Malay lah. *facepalm* Then one girl mentioned that she’s from Yuk Choy… and then kena tembak again… I can’t help but laughing all the way. XD

And apparently I’m called smart because I’m in University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (he asked me) and he asked me whether I played guns in NS (he asked me too) =\

Well I don’t get that often anyway XD

So I was quite attentive to the class until my tiredness kicked in… tired… but didn’t sleep yet lah.

Then breaktime came… ate lunch… expensive sial and the food sucks… well better than nothing. 30 minutes break time only… then went back in and continue second half.

As it is we (guys) were waiting for the damn toilet (it’s packed and you can actually see ppl lining up XD). God.

Err, second half, changed instructor… and I like this one. The way he gave his speech, and the way he wants us to think… I’m impressed. Tho the fact that he looks like Chinese, he’s a Malay. Haha. The bad thing is, when he’s about to reach the peak of his speech… electricity got cut down… and that’s all for today.

I slept in the class… damn hot, I’m sweating like a mad man, and packed. Bad ventilation. I manage to sleep for 1 hour in that condition… tell me if I’m not tired. X_X then later on tried to sleep also lah… then cannot so just close my eyes and take a nap. I stayed in the room until I feel like fainting, as I said bad ventilation, so I dragged myself out of the room for some fresh air. So I’m like walking in and out, nap, walk in and out, nap until the time ends. Even waiting for your turn to take back your IC takes like eternity. >_>

Then, I came back lor…

Ah yeah the path he took to the school… impressive. Took the NS highway, then exit via dunno where, somewhere before Jusco Ipoh, and then took a road… small little hidden tiny road just behind the PLUS building… so I was like wtf is he trying to do turn into PLUS building, topup touch n go meh? Then see him turning here and there and we reach a small path and there’s a opening in that very tiny hill… I’m like ohhhhhhhhh walao pro. Lol.

Damn I need to study 500 questions… geeez. Nyaaaa~ >_<

So I came back… fired up the internet… then bluescreen… >_< Restarted, and then chatted with her, and asked her for dota tho she says she have to go… so played a while… no mood one at first… *sighs* so just feed lor… then she says her bro play now. Instantly wake up. Lol.

Whicked sick only… Haven’t Holy Shi- lol. But good enough.

Muahahahahhaha XD

Time to… <what are you looking for XD>



May 31, 2008


Its a weird feeling that you want to get closer to them. Kind of butterflies sort of thing. There’s others but I’ll tell you when you’re older. DON’T ACT SHY OR STUPID!!!!! People do that a lot when they like you, so you’ll know if they start saying stupid things or start smiling a lot and blushing it’s kind of cute.


I agree with the first poster. I also want to add that you know you have a crush on someone when your face feels hot whenever you’re near them, you seem to care a lot about your appearance all of a sudden, and you can’t stop looking at him/her.


I agree with both the first poster and this other person. But one more thing to add: when your heart feels like its pounding a million miles away, and you cant stop thinking or dreaming about your relationship. But remember, at any point in time.. some *** face could come and steal what you had and leave you there to rot and die in missery, alone.


I agree with the first and second poster, but not the person above…. although it is true…. its kinda creepy… and disturbing….


You sometimes think about them all the time and cannot stop. However, this does not mean you think about them absolutly all the time, but when you do think about them it lingers for a long time. You also image them in many different scenarios (places and times) and try to be with them a considerable amount more (if you’re a friend of theirs).

Any excuse to be with them you will accept (unless you’re under exceeding pressure. Eg: friends, etc.) You may also browse sites like these looking for guidence or advice from other experienced people.

Other things may not seem important when you’re thinking about this person. You may also blush/be embarraced around this person. Or, you may suddonly be really confident around this person. You may even tease this person!

Everything depends on your personality and the person in which you love. The true thing is, you will know yourself.

Omg… tell me about it.

May 31, 2008

Based on your birthday …
Your emotion is hard to predict. You can be sad this minute and happy in the next. People might find it difficult to follow your emotion and understand you. You tend to take things seriously. Your Love, You take your time to study a person before falling in love. Once you decide that he or she is the one, no one can stop you from making progress, even your partner.

— from Facebook Application


well usually never thought of this kind of replies… but… lol.

Now Playing — Ryosuke Nakanishi a.k.a. r-midwest – Motteke! Sailor Fuku Bak-Bak-Bakoon! Mix

1 min left and off to sleep.

=__= so many ppl join… I’m forced to go.


Mikuru beam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



On A Streak!

May 30, 2008

Not really, but hopefully so.

Now Playing — Lucky Star no Minna – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

You know I’m happy when you see the above XD


Anyway, err, let’s see.

Tomorrow going for L-license… the seminar. It’s gonna be boring but what the hell I still need to go. Barely touched the book, but I did jumped a bit here and there. Colour-blind testing question are all free marks lol. =P

Hmm just now wrong Stephanie online. Lol. I have like… 4? Lol XD

I thought I can have a peek in a girl’s room but JiaHui says that she’s at her friend’s house and it’s not convenient wor… too bad lol.

Am downloading… oh, dictionary completed, another second part for 5cm/s. High quality as deemed by Weroth… and the creator’s previous work is actually Hoshi no Koe. OMG. omgomgomgomgomogmomgomg.

As usual, weroth told me to prepare tissue box. When a guy tells you this, it’s either you’re gonna come from the top or bottom. Either one. Lol.

But for this case I know he know others know that it’s the top. Lol.

Damn sad one lah Hoshi no Koe… and this is even better wor. Try lor. I know Hoshi no Koe made me stone there on the spot after finish reading that manga… Caleb’s. So I’m like… err… dude, where’s your Ichigo 100% manga? XD Anti-stoning mechanism kicked in.

GG-ed with Steph, and really gg-fied. 2 v 4 and we lost. *stuns* but she says it’s fun wor… well it’s not fun when you keep dying because of the god damn fat butcher and ghay naix XD.

It’s been a while.

Now Playing — Aqua Times – Alones (ringtone version =__=)

W00t! Rawrrrrrrrrr.

So fast end ady. Ish. Potong stim.

Now Playing — Mai Hoshimura – Sakura Biyori

Take note that both also Bleach OST. Lol.

I have a taste of my own medicine today… I never knew that it’s that ‘bitter’ *pukes* No wonder Michael’s been bitching about the way I reply. Lol.

Am sucking on my Yakult… ^^ Hmm just now I took a glance in my fridge and I notice there’s a full stock load of chocolates… excluding the Fererro Roche in the box. Muahhahaha XD But I’m having mild cough. ;_;

It’s gonna be the first night in my streak that I’m gonna sleep early. =O What to do tomorrow I have to wake up darn early and travel to Ipoh. Ish. I wonder who’s the other guys… don’t really care anyway.

Should I bring my rubik’s? XD Earphones? Cards? XD

Eh what is “Chinese Yearbook” doing in front of my laptop…? o_O *calls dad*

Oh walao. Looked inside and went @_@ If only I know how to read Chinese x_x

“Kan Cheong Weh”… lol. Damn “kan cheong”. XD

Hmmm… downloading… should I gg? ellokawan haven’t reply me. Ish.

Apparently my Firefox is faster compared to last time… I mean loading time. Muhahahahah XD

Direct-translation from cantonese… XD

You know what is God?
God used to be human.
But because God can do what humans cannot do,
That’s why God is God.


Ah well.

Just keep it short. Muahahahaha… I wonder why I’m laughing so hysterically. Lol.

Alex is an alex is an alex.

Never Guessed As Such

May 30, 2008

Leos born between 23 July and 4 August have a very powerful sense of self and will be quite opinionated. This will grate on your nerves and make it hard for you to see eye to eye with them. Who will submit?

*cough* *cough*


Where hope starts from… here

May 29, 2008

Let bygones be bygones.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, dress like them, and thou shall go to hell <- Hellsing lol.

Where the light seems to end… where the hope starts from… here.


I tend to get enlightened at times even though I hate to admit it but it is a fact. For god knows what reason, but from what I read… the effect is there. It might sounded superficial but it’s just like a fore tale. Lol. Yes I am clear of what am I saying… or maybe it’s just the Yin and Yang concept which puzzles my mind currently XD

Break the stick, and let it go.

How to break it? Hmmm. Trying to… trying to.

It’s just like a wooden house with 4 stilts, break 1 of those, and the house will collapse. Let it be… but how?

Now Playing — Raki Suta Motteke! Sailor Fuku [Choushi Koite Gyokusai Mix]

Am being pampered too much. I agree. Heck, my dad told me if I were to be born two days later… oh man. After knowing what will happen to me, I went… dad! Why don’t you tell mum to ‘caesarean’ me (I know it’s not a correct usage for it but ah well) 2 days later XD Tho not everyone in this world is suitable to such a life.

I know my cousin brother swung to a bad way… =( Yes, that’s his fate.

Lol, you might ask why I believe what my dad said, it might be fengshui or some crap where you can refer from books. Yes books, but what books first? Go refer to prediction books? What genre? What kind?

I believe it… because I’d been there done that. Notice why I’d been ranting since small (well ofc you don’t lol) until I reach Form 1. Dad told me the reason, I was petrified on the spot. I’m like, why don’t you tell me earlier swt…

Anyway, as it is I’m being pampered a bit too much… who knows what will happen to me if I were to be born 2 days later. XD

I know I will be an idiot if I were to be born 10 years before… which I trully believe in this =P Lol. XD

Talk about premonitions lol.

Mum told me that I should sleep early… I have panda eyes ady. Swt -> @_@

I don’t know what went into my head but I went and download DiamondDust Reballion (the reballion is spelled as such for the movie) at least from what I’d noticed in the torrent.


I woke up… and it rained heavily. Tell me about a gloomy day when you wake up. ;_;


Now Playing — Hugh Grant – Love Autopsy

Maybe I should just keep quiet about the ‘source’. Muhahahhah XD

Err, let my secondary blogs be a hideout for my kokoro. =P

傷付いたって 好きな人には好きって伝えるんだ
その想いが叶わなくたって 好きな人に好きって伝える

Don’t ask me if it’s grammatically correct or not, I don’t know Jap XD

GGC failed me today… just now I got dc/ed by GArena… bloody hell. *furious*

I find no point about blogging something which will spoil everyone’s mood. Hmmm.


I look at the newspaper this afternoon, or evening, and I’m like… flipping through… oh Grand Saga case settled ady… ok, next… boring, flip… XD

Not like yesterday’s paper… whoah… interesting… read… laugh my ass off… etc.

Damn. Tho the comics section will always be interesting XD

Guess I’ll just have to do this the hard way huh? =S

Ah yeah… one miss call picked up by the Digi operator from Kampar to Seremban charged me RM1.60 When I told my parents they went what? Like that better message XD

I petrified on the spot too. I’m like… ok lah… reload on the spot… I’m left with 20 cents. Then after reload… check balance ok… that amount… misscall… curious, so check again… wtf. *stuns*

Damn… last night I turned into a necrophiliac. O_O Serious.

Man, I’m scared of myself. I watched too much anime perhaps? XD (well considering the fact watching while other people are watching counts to…)

Anything but pedophilia and necrophilia and homosexual.

I told my parents I don’t want to marry in the future and they went omgomgomgomg and my dad gave me an instant lecture XD

I wonder what will they show on their face when I bring a girl back to my room now XD Will they be happy or sad or <insert here>? Hmm. *evil grin*

Quek’s theory works… “you want me to put a GUYS naked wallpaper or cute girls?”


Right… guess this ends it. For this post.


Hmm… “Double” Damage?

May 29, 2008

I’m lost, I’d lost, and I will be lost, plus I will get lost. Don’t worry.


Happenings in Malaysia… “Happening”land?

May 28, 2008

Oh yeah baby, the Star never ceases to amuse me by the stupidity of Malaysian leaders. Perhaps I put it a bit too crudely (well due to the fact that they ARE reaching out for bloggers who do not condone with their ego-ity and such and tried to bring them down but phailed miserably), so I take back my word.

Nevertheless, the neverending drama caused by politicians and important-decision makers just… make me feel disgusted. I know, one cannot solve it without given a period of time, but don’t tell me what they need is an ETERNITY.

Now Playing — Andre Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra – The Last Rose of Summer

Instrumental music surely manage to give me a good mental masturbation… now I’m having a slight headache after reading and laughing at the articles from the newspaper. XD

So let’s see… since this is the only material on my lap, this shall be brought forward first. (more…)

12:48 AM. Wow.

May 28, 2008

Yes… it’s “early” blogging for me. I wonder why… well I think there are stuffs that cannot be explained right…?

This is the following I did when I’m installing SP3… and it hung there…

1:54:39 (cross solving)

1:59:33 (non cross solving)

1:35:77 (cross solving)

failed (non cross solving)

2nd attempt 2:09:14 (non cross solving)

2:02:01 (cross solving)

2:26:71 (non cross solving) WTF timing is this

1:58:64 (cross solving) damn if only I memorised that formula

2:37:83 (non cross solving) how the hell can you do Heise technique?!

Yes SP3 installation is farking slow. >_>

The above is in minutes and seconds… so 1:58:64 is equivalent to 1minute and 58 seconds… which is damn slow! >_< Then I terminate explorer and another thing and then it manage to complete… I still haven’t restart tho.

I’d lodge a report via the internet yesterday night… and today the connection sucks… cannot even surf. So I called 100 and chose TM Technical Support. Then lodged another report… then straightly after that I’m not accessible to the internet until just now where it’s just my will to get logged on and see… the… *pauses* that will be more than enough.

Apparently my DSL went blackout… just like that after that call. Sigh. And yeah later at night I check my DS margin it’s 12 digits… lol.

So… I’d been playing rubik’s… and the above was the timings… Damn I suck. If only I can complete them in like 60 seconds or less.


No music is played as I’m watching Fate/Stay Night… I’m at episode 16 now.

Let me start from this morning…

I woke up… and I tell you it’s the hormones lah =P So… reluctant to get out from bed and keep hugging my pillows… Lol. Damn XD

Brushed up, bathe, and then ate.

Been watching Fate/Stay Night, rubik’s and that’s about it. Boring evening right?

Just now finally installed SP3… nothing to shout out yet.

Today’s agenda ends as such. Nothing much besides the fact that I complained to TM and hopefully the MSN issue gets solved soon. Well, it must have something to do with the routing… as not all face that problem. Blame the earthquake for that I guess…

It’s been a while since I last read newspaper… so I got mum to buy The Star for me. Read quite a few interesting paragraphs and columns. I saw Jusco Seremban II in Business section… and I’m like… oh that place. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Then… a couple of interesting photographs, and then articles showing Malaysia’s leaders’ stupidity… especially the MPs… God knows what the hell are they doing after all these years.

I’m not a political blogger so I shall leave it as it is. As for other stuffs, yeah I’ll comment on those too. For instance, the shopping “guide”… seriously an interesting read.

Well Steph messaged me at around 12 something and only I manage to link Penang and her “MIA” status. Geez I’m slow. =X

Hopefully everything’s alright for her auntie… God bless her kind soul, children and family.

One might be wondering why my post is written in such a way that differs from my normal writing style… haha I thought it’s time for a change maybe?

Perhaps I don’t ignore the fact that I started to see things which changed my mind and all these while I’m making a very terrible mistake. Even so, sometimes there are incidents where one just are out of control of it. Yeah, crudely put, mistakes are often made when you can’t control something. (Psst just like pre-marritial pregnancy?)

OT — The header for my blog is not loading… damn the Ichigo Header is nice… =P Must be my connection… Proves how inefficient TM is routing the network traffic over here.

Thank god I solved my wifi frequent disconnection issue. If not I need to travel all the way back to Lowyat Plaza. Lesson learnt, go to TechARP and ask for help if else fails lol =P

Sorry for the delay *ah well it’s not like you’ll stop for 5 minutes and continue reading this anyway lol* was replying an SMS… so yeah back to topic shall we?

I can have the weirdest dreams in my life… just that the problem is I forget what I’d dreamed of today. Geez. It seems to be… very extreme X_X

A few days later this one particular word in dictionary had been haunting me and made me traumatised. It’s even worse than being hypnotised by Ilya’s eyes LOL =P (Fate/Stay Night)

Anyway, Caleb highlighted me something way back then, the moment where she sit on Shirou’s lap… (Well it’s BDSM err bondage? got tied up to a chair… ah that’s how it should be… it is anyway LOL) then… “will you be my possession?” Err, no, she said something more misleading at first and now I forgot… then Caleb was like…

“Choice 1: Yes
Choice 2: No
Choice 3: Don’t Know”

Now, I’ll go:

“Choice 4: Fuck it”

Lol. XD Err… it’s just like… ero / hentai games where you have selection of choices on what you want to do? Anyway F/SN is derived from it’s hentai game so…

Damn Saber fell in love with Shirou after the… “we need more physical contact part” — said by Rin… that was… *speechless* and *priceless* too lol.

Excalibur… the next episode I think Gilgamesh is coming out…

That arrogant bastard. Lol. I think he’s useless in FatalFake (a simulation fighting game for FSN, 3rd party).

I just went through my sent box… am amazingly shocked by myself. I need to keep track on it later. Wow. I broke my personal record… very very personal record some more lol.

Hmm… Anna is not around… probably busy for her assignments (and yeah she’s sleeping now anyway lol).

Yes… I think I can do more for my blog theme… at least someone appreciates it… unlike… other people. Hmmph.

Good god I forgot what I wanted to type… ah yeah. But it’s a bit too sensitive… but who cares anyway lol.

I actually told myself… (this is hard to believe but I manage to hypnotise myself before I sleep…) damn it’s powerful and it really works @_@ If only the internet connection is not sucky this morning… I mean afternoon… Wow.

The thing is… one need to practice on other people and they must co-operate in order for it to work. Well, once one masters such dangerous skill… one must not misuse it… like for instance I won’t hypnotise Kwang to get his account’s PIN number and balance… lol. XD Or maybe *raises eyebrow*

Walao… inbox full. God knows how many messages I need to clear up later. @_@ 1k limit reached. =O

I saw “horny apple pie”… aww.


I can’t make =3 with my mouth, can I? =3 Lol.

… and yes “don’t watch porn without me LOL” huh…

I’d just cleared up some space by deleting porn >_> Lol.

… and yes thank god Music and Lyrics (my version) is clearer and louder than Ivan / Jeevan’s. Yay.

I still have quite a number of movies to watch… like Jay Chow’s Secret… Van Wilder… I even have a damn TVB series in my laptop (*facepalm* don’t ask me Cornelius gave it to me since I bought my laptop).

I’m addicted to her song… oh my~

Apparently my winamp hated Teardrops on My Guitar lol.

Ok that’s just random… ah well let’s see what will happen in these few days.

Tho I despise the lyrics for Take A Bow. Seriously… give me a break.

Well anyone’s selling potions to control / remove / or suppress my level of di-auto-perasan-ning-ness-fy-kan? I am more than happy to buy loads of them… in exchange for… well a magic trick performance? Lol.

Speaking of which… I abandoned cards… apparently it’s natural… and inevitable (well not really but we’ll see). Logs… oh damn. =X

God I wonder if sUBs is reading my blog all along. =X I lagi major SWT weh. =\

But I seriously respect his knowledge and keen-ness on helping people… especially those retards back in Lowyat Forums. Tho he got pissed off by them even though it’s a voluntarily helped by sUBs some just don’t appreciate it. That’s why he left. Hmm.

CF… well.

I feel like listening to music whilst blogging… but… I feel like watching anime straight later. So… forget it.

Me myself know that I for one that doesn’t like to read… at least printed materials. God forbid, I just have the tendency to sway away from the current article I read… tho it’s not the same when it comes to Computer and Computing Security… Like Art of Deception… CEH (certified ethical hacking)… etc. >_>


Any girls up to the task to un-geek-ify me? =P

Err… *…* *speechless* dang… I made myself speechless lol.

There are some things in life that we do not have control of… say nature… feelings… fate? Let’s just say that it’s out of our boundary for that. Which when it comes it comes… but god knows when will it go (esp for feelings… for someone)

There’s a popular saying… I don’t know who started it but I know that it might sounded like a wuss if it’s for a guy to say it…

“You came into my life through that door, you messed up my life, and you left me and walked through that door just like that leaving everything else in a mess”.

Does that somehow ring some bells? Haha.

Yes… having a crush one someone and makes you think of him/her 24/7 really drives you crazy huh…? You know who you are (I don’t even know if that person reads mine lol). =\

Ah yeah I feel like going back to previous episodes and put up a screenie… brb.

Oh wait I got the screenshot already but imageshack is… just not loading as usual.

Weroth how do you say “Oh my…” in Jap? I know it’s `Mataku`… but that makes me go mata aku XD

Man I’m tired… should I F/SN or Dota… Hmm.

Wow someone’s in Clan War Room… no wonder… that explains the items he got when I played with him.

Ah finally…~

Fate Stay Night

Lol… women are evil. Lol. According to Issei. Lol.

Well I would say those who don’t know how to care for guys are evil… they just get them as a stepping stone / accompany (cuddlebitch dilemma) / ATM machine / etc. I’m not referring to ALL, some. ‘There exist’ and ‘for every’ makes a very big difference… talk about mathematical notation.

Ah yeah where are you Nat? Lol.

Wow… their level… is like… omg.

1.7k words…

I’m not her toy or anything… but why I’m actually acting that I’m “owned”… *drawing circles on the floor*