Scrap 1:53 AM 4/29/2008


Just finished watching ‘My Sassy Girl’, a Korean Movie. One word, genius.

Yeah, I know, I know. I should be studying. I did, a bit.

Let me briefly state what I’d been through today. Last night 3:30 AM lilgirl messaged me saying horny smallkid good night… and so we continued sms-ed until she fell asleep at 4:30 AM (She say she’s horny and she wants to make me feel horny… then end up with a just joking)

So I woke up at around 9… Kwang bathe ady, and asked me what time is Jeevan’s exam… I said 1:30 PM. I dozed off again until lilgirl messaged me and we continued until 1 something… I brushed up, bathe, eat lunch, washed my clothes and started studying while sms-ing. Lol. Mind challenging question, “Bit too fast, doesn’t seem to be it”.

Then, Jon went to campus with Kwang… (BTW I went to TTS3 with Jon and ate there as Kwang cannot make it apparently, while Jeevan’s having his ‘lunch’ at 3pm after exams). I’m washing my clothes… so… I didn’t go. Good thing also, I stayed back, played around with Kwang’s speaker, and studied a bit. Then, Jeevan called and ask me if I want to go out for lunch. I’m hungry, so I agreed. Teddybear was in the car too… damn pedobear always come out with random and funny sentences lol. Most of the time I’ll just stone there tho.

They went KFC, so I ordered the new set kind of thing, just RM4 for a cup of coffee and one normal burger. Ok for me, worth it. If I don’t have sorethroat I would most probably get a dinner plate lol.

Came back, Quek came and visit Jon, so I continue on study… then as time past more and more people came to Kwang’s house… It’s a trend where as long as it’s exam period Kwang’s house will be filled with laughter and people. Weird but that’s the truth.

Am quite stoning after the movie now so pardon me… =P

Then, went out dinner with Kwang, Jeevan and Ivan. Others went KFC *blerh* so we went to the Duck Rice Shop. I almost fainted as I was suddenly under a massive attack of migraine. Switched place, the effect subdued (there was a huge gigantic fan blowing at me… it worsen the effect). Took Kwang’s panadol and throw two down after dinner. That was a good meal too.

Came back, David took ITS bath, then I started reading my notes… Can’t really pick up much at night, too many people, and light is just not strong enough. =__= Jeevan screwed up his graphics after playing with RivaTuner… then Quek did something and apparently it’s better now.

*cough* *sniff*

It’s hot. Damnit.

Suddenly, Daniel hijacked my laptop (without my notice again), and played CS. =___= He screwed up my winamp playlist (like everyone else) and then he left my laptop in peace after he asked me what movies I have and I told him this “Well, I have porn, if you want to watch it”. (He’s a saint, not on the road tho).

Kwang stoned there… I tried to perform a card trick on Kwang (and yes I never knew my GHOST DECK is with me, OMG) and I phailed. Miss by ONE DAMN CARD. T_T

Then Kwang took a disc from Jeevan and so we started watching ‘My Sassy Girl’ on my laptop (I plugged the speakers into my laptop, so might as well). At first till the end we was laughing all the way (yes he watched it, and he never spoil it for me). Very very stupid and funny, until the end, the last 10 minutes… that was a real kicker. I… err, was really touched by the storyline. Kwang said that it was a typical storyline, bloody Korean movies are all like that, but I beg to differ.

I have a premonition after the 3/4 of the movie… then I told Kwang this “I have something in my mind, just so suddenly, don’t tell me it’s gonna end that way” and the story really ended that way. The web Tickle quiz is correct, I really do have premonition, just that I don’t know how to use it accurately.

Yes definitely I feel much better after watching the movie, laughed a lot, tho I have flue now (due to my sorethroat, as usual). Am hungry now, don’t think Kwang is going to mamak now… 2:08 AM… well, I’ll finish my bread then.

That movie… seriously… I lol’d, dropped my jaw, XD’d all the way… Then the end I just kept silent and like… awwwwwwwwwwww…

I don’t know why, but certain lines in the movie hit me so straight, directly in my face. I stoned there quite a bit, and seriously… it makes me wonder.

Power of the movie lines. Lol.

Headache… feel much more better than just now, better sleep soon.

There goes another day. Wow. 2nd day down.

As the movie OST goes… “What can make me feel this way… My girl… my girl… my girl… talking bout… my girl… My girl…”

Definitely gonna watch this after exams (again), not to forget the pending list of to-download movies too. Wow. I’m still speechless until now. Hmmmmmmm…

Well maybe in life right… there’s something meant to be and some not. You will not know if you don’t try, or vice versa. Ah yeah a quote from the movie… *replays the movie*

Old man: “Know what fate is?”
Old man: “Building a bridge of chance for someone you love.”

*sniff* Gah my nose.


Another meaningless kiss for you *chu*


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