Scrap 11:32 PM 4/27/2008


Scrap 11:32 PM 4/27/2008

Yeah, it’s me typing this in Jeevan’s Room, I’d completely moved out everything I have in my old house to Kwang’s house. Damn, I never knew that I have that many stuffs… pilled up like a mountain. Guess I’ll have to ferry back quite a number of my clothes as it’s overflowing. Lol.
I still haven’t take my deposit tho… the fucker is not at home while I retrieved my stuffs. Guess I’ll have to take it tomorrow.

This morning, woke up, and I am stoning… as usual. Refuse to accept the fact that I’m moving out from my room. Cosy room. Personal room. Fuck.

Jeevan called, and in 30 mins I have to pack up every single thing so that he could ferry it to Kwang’s house. I am still sleepy and stoned. Then again, I still have to pack, so I took the empty box I prepared last night, and throw everything inside, food, utensils, power cables, etc. Will elaborate on what happened last night later. It doesn’t really matter anyway as I’m not posting this till some time in future. =P

Moved everything into Jeevan’s BMW, (still got stuffs left like shampoo, eggs, etc…) went lunch in Broga. Took the ginger meat rice… Delicious. Went back to Kwang’s house, unload all of my stuffs, stoned there for a while, took a very short nap on Kwang’s bed (it’s been a while lol). Went to Jeevan’s room at around 5pm~ while he’s playing Zuma. =__= And so my hand went itchy and I played too =P But later on headache so I rested a while and attempted to study. I did. At least something went into my head =D Wonders without internet.

Went dinner with them, and JC, and some 2 random guys. Ate the yellow wine + chicken dish, etc. Delicious too… But quite expensive. =\ I need to get myself to a bank very very soon.

Came back, blasted Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga” for 15 mins and then Jeevan throwed me his earphones and I started listening to Musics and Lyrics OST. Then I studied… and something went it =D

Now Playing — –q–ì—RˆË Feat. Aura – Euforia [Angelic J-Trance Remix]

Wow, nice song.

Screw what happened lah, just focus on exam… focus.

So, after reading for some time, around 11pm, took my bath. Came out, stoned in Jon’s room playing his rubricks cube. Damn, I forgot how to lol.

And here I am, typing this scrap post.

Last night ah… Chatting with lilgirl for the last time… I seem to make her emo tho… I’m sorry. But really, that was the song I really wanted to sing to you.

I wonder what’s life gonna be without internet. Well, I’d been through that for 3 months… and I still survived lol. But this time it’s a bit different… if you get what I mean.

Now, I wonder how am I gonna study for this coming exam… 2 weeks left. Bah. Interval of 2~3 days. Sigh.

How’s lilgirl doing with her life… Wonder when is she going to MMU…

Jeevan’s complaining about his studies lol. I’m still a bit… stoned. Am I? o_O

I have a feeling that this ‘scrap trend’ is gonna turn out quite fun… as it’s predecessor proved my theory. =P So expect more thrills, ups and downs.

2 weeks without internet… here I am. Two weeks without nudges… aww =P

Be strong eXPeri3nc3. If you’re nervous, don’t be.

Now playing — Goong OST – Crazy For This Girl [“I Don’t Know Why, But She Changed My Mind”]
eXPeri3nc3. [11:48 PM 4/27/2008]


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