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Yes last night after that, me and Kwang stoned in Jeevan’s room, while Jon is busy with his so-called ‘revisions’ for exam this morning. We laughed like hell watching at Jeevan played Zuma.

At first it’s just a bit of a laugh here and there and cracked a lil bit. Then again, I just remembered that i have a “laugh-injection” syndrome where when it really happens, it’s like you inject N2O into a car. Lol.

Guess what, the movie almost made me pour (but ofc I didn’t lah), but Jeevan’s laughter made me pour and sniff and laughed like mad. It’s like laughing gas, I just can’t help it.

Lasted for 2 mins… Lol.

It’s been a while. Do feel better after doing so, tho my nose keeps running.

Jeevan was like, OI bloody mouse move lah (the reason of it not working, it’s not been charged for the past 12 hours… *facepalm*)

Then I started laughing.

Went mamak at 3:30 AM (kwang is in his state of denial until he himself feels hungry. Bastard lol).

Came back, and ofc in mamak all kinds of discussions will come out, religion, deity, politics (last night not much, first time), etc.

Slept in Jeev’s room, at first still cannot sleep, allergic nose, and it’s directly under the fan + running nose.

Then again, I dreamed of something really weird… but now I forgot (whatever lah, that means I’m getting enough rest).

I got shocked when I read that tho. *What your sister knows my existance? =P*


Now playing — Choushi Koite Mix (SLFK)

Jeevan is enjoying his manga, me blogging. And occasional laughter and stonage whilst updating and reading someone’s blog.

I just remember a saying: “What you did in the past affects you today, what you do today effects your future”

Really need to kick some N2O into my studies instead of my laughter lol.

BTW, David really kepala angin one. Sometimes bark at me. What, I’m not as gigantic as Jeevan and I don’t kick you lol, stop doing that to me.

*rubs eyes*


For the bored,

Posts that are 3~4 weeks old, almost all of them have secret messages.

Have fun in figuring that out.


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