I know Motekke Sailorfuku 3cm skirt lah. 5cm/s? Sure boh? Will check it out soon, thanks Weroth.

Now Playing — So Close (Enchanted OST)

“So Close… so close…”

Didn’t really studied. Internet lousy. Dc/ed like god knows how many times.


Pissed. Tomorrow moving out.

No internet, left with my sole collection of notes.

Time to take back the responsibility and stop evading the truth.

1 liners FTW.

No srsly.

“Have withstoon pain to create many weapons,
Yet those hands will never hold anything,
So as I pray Unlimited Blade Works.”

Hands tired… Maybe due to my stuffs. Stomach hungry. Head drowsy. Sore throat. Ill mind.

I wonder how many people can actually go through this.

All it takes it’s just…. just one line.

… and that’s it.


*stop stoning and walk back to your damn room and sleep!*

“Just A Meaningless Kiss”


3 Responses to “5cm/s?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    bye bye…………..

  2. Stephanie Says:

    lalallalala someone cannot update! =P

  3. Stephanie Says:


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