Kyaaa… Hoshi no Koe


Which suddenly ring some bells in my head. Voices of a distant star. Nice and very very very x 99 touching anime (and manga).

Now Playing — Taylor Swift – Teardrops on My Guitar.

Yes, I woke up with a sorethroat. I see that coming. Damn Munchy. Let’s see. Last night read a bit. Then, Michael told me to read up more on the diagrams and we can get full marks for that question. Hmm, will do.

Being someone who is interested but blur when reading books, it’s quite hard for me to adapt. Coding different story lah. Heck, I used 6 mins to code a “Girl Calculator” yesterday lol. Which should be working and loops till defined otherwise.

Uh huh and a pretty chick is standing 2 seats beside me. Lol. How often can you get these =___=

Jeevan is busy playing his facebook… reading manga. Me on the *oh my god*

Now playing — BoA – Waiting.

Hmmm… *draws circles on the keyboard*

What’s so interesting about facebook anyway… games? Blog? Nah, no thanks although the games are quite attractive.

Why I keep feel like LoL-ing in the comp lab when I look at how people react to slow Tiscra computers. Lol. XD

Ok lah ok lah back to topic.

Let’s see. I finally understand something. Definition of an Alpha Male and a total wussy. Lol.

Gonna move to Kwang’s house tomorrow night, told him. So later I go back I need to clear up all of my stuffs from the room. Ah yeah tell the fucker upstairs to prepare my deposit.

Probably go to Ivan’s place for internet if I really need it. The inner self of me keeps telling me something which me at a lot of times *oh damn the girl is gone XD* err… procrastinate. Grr.

Yes Jeevan is spouting random stuffs again.

Sorry, Caleb, it was unintentional. Forget what I’d said.

OMG Jeevan tempted me with D.Gray-Man. ZOMGWTF.


Fuck it. Uni connection. Bah.

Rukia… too bad she’s not tsundere. Lol. Ah. I like her movements tho, “first dance, white moon” Sode no Shirayuki (袖の白雪 or 袖白雪)

What am I thinking?

Now Playing — Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl doh.gif

Oh yeah just now lunch I ask Kwang where Seremban KTM is… He replied after KGV. Then Jeevan was like, so when are you going there? After exams maybe. Then I say I’m gonna meet a guy lah, they were like, oi bastard don’t give us high hopes lah. I’m like O_o what’s wrong going to Seremban to meet a guy lol.

I just…

Last night MV was stoning enough in the restaurant… black guy white chick in the MV singing… Then you have adultery clips, romance, etc. Swt. “I see what you did thar”. Lol.

Was chatting with Blackberry last night. Never intended to get her MSN, just fooling around. Lol. Then chatted a while and thank you dear, I have two stoning songs… No Air and another one from Faber Drive.

Alamak (Now playing — Hirano Aya & Katou Emiri & Fukuhara Kaori & Endou Aya – Valentine Kiss)

Weroth… ISE is not easy huh. Ah yeah got your overseas SMS lulz. I wonder how much that cost you. I wonder how much maxis will charge me too.

Yes, it’s gonna be like NS where I’m isolated from internet access.

Dude, look in front, not beyond. *smacks*

Status: Petrified, Alive, Breathing


The bad deaths are:

  1. They will not die of starvation or privation.
  2. They will not die from having been yoked, imprisoned, caned or otherwise beaten.
  3. They will not die at the hands of hostile enemies.
  4. They will not be killed in military battle.
  5. They will not be killed by tigers, wolves, or other evil beasts.
  6. They will not die from the venom of poisonous snakes, black serpents, or scorpions.
  7. They will not drown or be burned to death.
  8. They will not be poisoned to death.
  9. They will not die as a result of sorcery.
  10. They will not die of madness or insanity.
  11. They will not be killed by landslides or falling trees.
  12. They will not die of nightmares sent by evil people.
  13. They will not be killed by deviant spirits or evil ghosts.
  14. They will not die of evil illnesses which bind the body.
  15. They will not commit suicide.

Well at least I know two punches on the wall direct hit is worth it that night.

“It’s just a meaningless kiss…” — Jeevan’s favourite song.

“I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unaware of loss.
Nor aware of gain.
Withstood pain to create many weapons.
Waiting for one’s arrival.
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was “Unlimited Blade Works”.

“I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to Death, nor known to Life,
Had withstood pain to create many weapons,
Yet those hands will never hold anything,
So as I pray Unlimited Blade Works.”



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One Response to “Kyaaa… Hoshi no Koe”

  1. weroth Says:

    Aha. it’s free since I reloaded my phone. Each time I reload $30 or more, I get free lucky draw and I get 30 free sms only last for 2 weeks…

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