Another Day… Just Yet~


“Almost another day… see the shooting star… tonight…. tonight” – FMA OST IINM. Lol.

Now playing — BoA – My Way, Your Way feat. WISE.

Well, someone nagged me for an update… so here I am using my Samsung Pleomax Black Keyboard attached to my Dell Vostro™ 1500 Lappie using a lousy Lexma mouse (which I need to go back to All IT to change a new one SAME BRAND as I lost the box… wtf on the last day (7th day after the purchase) so yeah… )

Highlights… Uncle Woo searched for my name in Google and returned my personal info. WTF. When I search I can only find my SMK ACS results lol. WTF.

Lilgirl going MMU ~ I see. Happy lah you. Well, I wish her all the best then.

Someone deny the existence of “apple pie”… Hmm. Misread lingering as lingerie summore… lol.

Anyway, here you go:
Morning, woke up, not by my phone alarm, but I have the Head of Security, Mr Azlan as my alarm. He called me, apologised for waking me up, asked me if I got go to campus or not today, and I replied not sure. So he asked me if I’m able to pinpoint to a certain person as in my course there’s 3 ppl with the same insignia. Pointed one out, and he hung the phone. So I fell back and sleep.

Yes, I’d elaborated this in my previous post… anyway so I woke up, thought of Alexaa’s sexy rukia avatar. Ah yeah I even dreamed of Shan (fucker) asking me when I move out. I say this week. Then I woke up. Grrr. Then, fire up my laptop, check email, lurk a bit. Took breakfast, 2 slices of bread + cheese. Then, Jeevan called and in a moment he came with his BMW. I was like OMG I need my bath, so I ran to the bathroom and took a shower. Dressed up and here we go… Semenyih.

Yes lilgirl wants my vid… what vid? Lol XD

Ah… Ah yeah.

So, knowing Jeevan, he fired up his BMW, so we can feel the ‘sensation’ of being fast on the road. Yes, he did 120Km/h on the new road… pretty impressive speed in 8 seconds. So I was chatting with Jeevan until I see… Why got lights one… Wait a min, what the fuck is the firetruck with its firesignal on and on the OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD SPEEDING TOWARDS US? So I went… “Err, Jeevan?” Then he’s like… “*omg*” and he slammed on the brakes… Manage to stop in time. If we are sitting in his Proton Saga… we would have end up in Hospital Kajang.

So thank god for that. *prays to god*

Went to Auntie’s place, makan ady… then I went back, take my laptop, and went campus. Planned to study there but phailed. Fuck. Account barred. Used others. MSN can dc in UNiM. Wow. Genius. Wifi full signal summore you know… Pro. Then got Zuma and other “Pow Games”. Oh yeah hor why I never play =P *Later I kena slap by lilgirl* Err. =P So, went to fetch Kwang for dinner… told him my account got barred. He laughed. Bastard =P

Anyway, went and try out the new restaurant… 3 freaking dishes costs around RM11…. WTF. Eh, we’re not going back there ok? Yes I’m a sad fuck where they don’t get it why I didn’t watch Disney Cartoons back when I was a child. They were like asking what the hell did you do during your childhood lah. =__= Well, being born in a place where lilkids in kindergarten just don’t understand English when you talk to them, you think? I’m not English educated fgs but I can still speak fluent English (back then… then after primary I suck balls big time, didn’t practice already, canto all the way. I feel so fucked right now >_>).

Now Playing — Timberland – Apologize (feat. One Republic)

Lilgirl watched porn. Horny lilgirl!

Where am I? Semenyih. Kthxbai.

So, lurked around in Cupid’s Corner… *and I’m not going back there if I’m studying!* Fuck wifi dc/ed. =__= Ahhh. Plan to sleep early, wake up early. Change my luck. Ehto… I want my kanojo… Or mutsume… or whatever. Lol. It’s just another day with my acc barred till further notice… yea. I can’t rant much… as… I’m not in a position to rant. If I do, I’m a sore loser, as I can do something else instead of ranting over and over and over again life sucks etc. Yeah Hirano Aya’s voice blardy cute. Lol. No wonder guys like her.

Whatever Jeevan would still stick with Chihara Minori’s voice and cum to that…~ So let’s see. Never mind… What’s not meant to be known should be gone with the wind.



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