Apple pie…


I sleep with a smile after that.

Anyway… this morning… Mr Azlan, the Head of Security called me and wake me up. Asked me which Mohamed is which =__= Then I drop on my bed and sleep again until my phone woke me up.

I tell you the first thing I have in mind after I wake up is the sexy Kuchikki Rukia avatar used by alexa_piggy. When I get back my senses I’m like omg wtf.

Horny this morning… due to the air-cond… and sudden wake up… Gah. So I hugged my bolster and go to sleep again. Lol. Yes it’s 12:20 PM ady… Take my bath, wash up, and prepare for lunch. After that instant study ady, don’t think about anything else.

Which includes lilgirl that keeps lingering at the corners of my mind. =P

Now Playing — Sasaki Nozomi – Saidai Seichi Carnival

Lol voice damn sweet. I wonder how’s lilgirl’s voice. Ernest called me last night. I damn zhar dou. I like his can opener tho. Learned something new. I took a walk last night… walked to campus to refill my water. Lazy to boil, and might as well since I’m wandering around. Then took the initiative to try if they barred my account, as guess what, “Your account is locked, please contact the administrator”. Wow, efficient huh. Well, they should know one thing, if I want to vandalise, I wouldn’t have use a local network where you can track. I’m not dumb enough not to know that ISP or their IS can track through logs. I wonder if Mr Lotus did discuss with Mr Khay (Head of IS)… since he’s away today (he mentioned in his email). I am particularly ok for the first half until I receive that email by Paul Boardman. Well now you know, whenever he sends out and email you’re screwed. Lol. Disciplinary action huh, hmm. What if there’s people that got framed? Like me for instance. Put me in the suspected list for all you want, I just beh syok why you want to suspend my account. It’s uncyclopedia, and I did not defame nor destroy / harm anything or anyone. No trees are sacrificed for it, nor no bunnies are killed during the process. Damn. Enig messaged me asking if I want to go out Times Square with him, he just finished exams probably. Which reminds me he was chatting with lilgirl… I wonder what did he told her. Ah well.

*rubs eyes*

Ernest, what you want to do lah? o_O

Whatever lah. *heaves a sigh of despair*

Now Playing — A1 – Heaven by your side

I’m looking for A1 – Ready or Not. Anyone?

I really hope that Prof. and Paul better nail them down and set me free. God, I swear to you (tho natakaasd don’t concur), if I walk away freely, and survived through the exams, unharmed… I will change. Low profile (natakaasd, yes, you’ll see), screw ‘pentest’ (it’s not like I get paid for doing it, unless Mr Lotus employs me lulz.), and care not about Administration. Please God? *prays* Jeev called. *rushes to bathroom*

Apple pie,


2 Responses to “Apple pie…”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    eh who call you apple pie?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    you know.. umm.. i saw the lingering.. as lingerie… so….. lol

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