Just came back from another toilet break. Been trying to study in the comp lab with my laptop, but I phailed miserably as expected. God.

Yes I’d been visiting youtube back home and there’s no sound suddenly. Guess it’s time to restart my laptop again. Gah.

Wen_loong wants to trade Factory Sealed with my Extreme Beginners. Hmm.

Factory Sealed is nice.

I lol’d again sometimes when I walk past somewhere… anywhere in fact. It’s like, somehow something out of nothing cracked me. Lol.

Well at least it’s better than sobbing away lol.

But I can’t study… sheet. I’m hungry too.

Maybe it’s a bad idea to study with the internet. Hmm.

Jeevan is back with… erm… bread? No cakes… damn lol.

I hope that I won’t make empty promises again.


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