What A Day… Empty.


Empty -> Me not in the house.

Talking to Cornelius on msn, he’s asking me how to parse. Lol, I mana tau what he want to parse. =__=

Should I reverse elaborate or from the top… Aih from the top lah.

Playing Hugh Grant – Meaningless Kiss

Err, so… woke up, messaged Kwang, and he’s coming in 5 mins. I straight away jumped out of bed and multitasked. Brushed teeth while in the bathroom bathing. Lol. Yeah, my hair went punk totally standing 90 degrees when I woke up. Too bad memory card no space lol.

After I’m done with myself, dressed up, and went out. Went to duck rice shop, Jeevan and Hon Chien was there. The lady misunderstood Jeevan and came with the wrong order for the other three. I got my duck rice so I’m not complaining. =) It hurts to pay Rm6.50 for 3 dishes (char siu, chicken, and duck meat).

Kwang gave me a shock of my life as I don’t know he’s heading Kajang Metropoint (Old Town Kopitiam) to do his work. I went *drops my jaw on the floor*. So Kwang went to Uni as Jeevan need to meet his supervisor or some sort, while I go library and read newspaper (yes, it’s rare for me to go there and read newspaper). I took my laptop before this. Damn I need a new backpack.

Went to Old Town Kopitiam around 3 something… I slept in the car. Woke up and went there. Used my lappie to surf (damn the wifi there acting up, what now PMS lah issit? basket). Manage to surf a bit, talked to Brian and asked him something. Michael says he still haven’t finish. Corrected my mistakes in my code.

Farking hard weh. Parse here and there, substring, this and that. But it’s fun lol.

If only we need to do that ONLY, no exams, no need to study. Damn good lol.


Took the signature white coffee, and the toast. Delicious.

Went back, to Kwang’s house that is. Ah yeah me and Caleb agreed to take Kwang’s room. Pay him tomorrow.

So, Kwang cooked dinner, while I compile my code. Modified again, and try to make it fail-safe. Walao, thank god I checked, if not some questions are screwed up, it’s like… supposed to loop that specific part, but it continues on only it loops. Funny.

Watched Music and Lyrics again with Jeevan, he played Zuma while he’s waiting for me. Now I understand those subtle sentences in the movie… Damn sarcastic that Hugh Grant. Lol. When Jeevan explained to me only I went ohh lol wtf. XD

I’m freaking getting the HD version of this movie. Which reminds me, I still have to get Little Manhattan, 27 Dresses, and… what was it again… the… Enchanted. Hmm.

Then, Kwang cooked, and I ate his spaghetti. Quite delicious the bacon =P The dressing is seriously nice. I went wow… *drool* and that’s definitely not enough so we went mamak after me and Jeevan finish the movie.

Went mamak, cappuccino ais(omg I typed ais instead of ice lulz =_= )mix, and maggi goreng (can you believe it, this is the first time in my life that I’d ever taken such food, maggi goreng, wow.) Finished everything, on sugar high, and sat there listening to what Kwang and Jeevan talks about. I watched football, and stoned a bit.

While Jeevan is talking to Kwang about the ingredients to make mayonnaise ( yes it’s random lol), I stoned there and wondered, how’s lilgirl surviving in Perak… should I message her? What if she’s asleep or whatever? Stoned there… and then I go and ask Jeevan, what are the ingredients for mayonnaise *facepalm* Kwang straight shoot me in teh face and I said sorry lah was stoning, thinking about someone. Then he went… Oh, go Kajang, take the train, go there *points to his right (which is Seremban). I say, no, Perak *points to my right*. Petronas camp, he went ohhh. Lol.

Advertisement time — Breaking news – Brian sent me a Hiragi Kagami and Izumi Konata hugging in a bathtub naked. =__= wtf.

So, back to business.

Kwang actually ask me, “what is she doing there” *I instant face palm when I thought he know more than me* So I asked him back, “What can you do in Petronas Camp?” and laughed. He replied this:

“Err, playing sports?”

*…* “Scholarship! Education Camp, you think?”


So continue on suger high, then I started messaging… cold over there wor. Saw someone like me too. Not wearing watch, so it’s not me. Lol.

Gave Kwang a treat, and he says “Someone very happy today huh, feeling rich issit?” Eh, I belanja you shut up lah. Lol.

Err, went Kwang’s place, packed up, and went back home, showered, and now blogging. Tomorrow pass up assignment… and start studying.

Lilgirl’s reply… really ah… Aiyo. I don’t know I should be laughing or crying at times… Very very jaw dropping lulz.

… and yes I feel like killing someone now, not myself don’t worry. Lol. *drinks water*

*whistles that song*

I never knew my phone is damn weak in powering the handsfree to the radio modulator… plug in only, then battery almost flatting out. Swt. The sound emitted is a bit too soft too compared to an Ipod (well duh).

Raining… I can get a good sleep hopefully.

If I were to be with a anti-social roommate, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve. I’ll annoy the shit out of him / her (if that is a she right, it either means two things — I’m dreaming, or I’m fantasising, my brain’s call). Lol.

If I take things seriously right… like last time… I would have killed Jeevan long time ago. =P not forgetting kwangker Kwang. Lol. Ofc Jon is on the list, there goes Michael too… Occasionally Cornelius. Ididitforthelulz.

Water boiled ady… If not I’ll dehydrate AGAIN and die.

Waisim msged me, she finished her matric. I’m like… *messenger voice* see name waisim. I stuncock there, as she DON’T MESSAGE ME AT ALL before this (unless she needs help from me lah, like last time no thanks to Yy). Yeah, she’s too free after graduating. =___=

Dad called and nagged me.

Mum called at night and asked me how’s everything going… ok lah.

Why I feel something is a bit weird today… I don’t know why. I can’t tell what’s that but, I have not a clue.

*ponders* Maybe is the sugar high, or caffeine from white coffee, or the cappochino ice mix. Hmm. Don’t write me off is a very sweet and nice song, indeed.

Haley Bennett have a very slim stomach… You should have see how Jeevan’s reaction ( =O ) when he saw Haley Bennett in that dance suit. That is priceless I tell you. Lol. Kwang went wtf lol.

Me, I went *straight away think in my mind, is that a strip suit or what, as the clothes is really… stripper type*.

*looks at my Black Pearl colored w850i*

Why suddenly I have the urge to sweat myself out… Maybe because it’s raining lol.

Akira’s sound is cute… and can be very scary as well @_@

Yes and Jeevan keep thrusting his hips and he go “and pop, goes my heart” =__= Jeevan, you’re not Hugh Grant lol.

Basically that’s it lah. Sigh.

Something’s missing from his life, bugging him, but he doesn’t know what he is, the one and only blur guy who posted ‘hacks’ in Uncyclopedia UNDER university network without him realising that it’s university network until just now Brian told him that he actually did it in the CSIT lab where he was there and he still don’t recall and thought that he was happily back home posting it,

BTW, I went emo when the stupid wifi is not working at Old Town. Basket, chan 11+ wtf man. Mine can even see it while kwang’s 4 year old comp Acer can see and use. I was forced to use Starbucks connection and msn cannot connect and resort to meebo. WTF. KNS. !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*(

But after I “hijacked” kwang’s radio and played songs from my w850i, it’s all good. Lol. Nothing much lah, but was seriously pissed of the connection. Caleb, where’s your good ol’ IPW2200, let’s do some cracking lolz.

*edit — this is what you call a long entry =P*



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One Response to “What A Day… Empty.”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:

    kill me?….. if you were emo….. damn…………..
    well thats just the way it it leh… hehe
    you’ll become like that korean arse in the states…

    thank god you chill out a bit….. may be too much

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