Just listen to my few awkward lines~


Listening to you know what typing in what I will thinking about what should I do,
Stressing over what will happen pondering on what to do hiding away what I ponder,
Finding a way back making it through by looking for signs somewhere,
Opening myself for suggestions and I could use some directions.

Just submitted my coursework. Finally, but why am I not relieved a single bit at all? Final exam, and I still haven’t start studying. My god. Bah. There are moments that I don’t know if it’s real, whether if I really like to study or not, I wonder if anybody else feels the way I do.

Looking back in the past doesn’t seem to make me to move further.

For me it’s something like what they call chicken soup for the soul. It’s just too good to be true.

Playing – DJ Sammy – Time After Time (Remix)


Emailed Mr Lotus about the youtube video regarding the speedhack.

My mind is just blank now. I’m sitting in the main hall, under the fan on the sofa looking and typing on my keyboard staring at the “42 inch plasma TV” sitting on that miniature table. The middle curtain on my right it hung up for better wifi reception.

Years go by, time flocks by,
I just thank god that I didn’t turn bi. ( <- wtf I actually typed that out lol)

I’m the king of randomness. Lol.

Hmm… suddenly Choushi Remix just pops out… Steph will be yelling on the peak of her voice to tell me stop listening to this crap song.

Speaking about Java Programming, I noticed that, whenever you do checking… Usually the checking methods are very long and will exceed the core program in total of lines (commented) and properly formatted.

Fuck myself for being so stupid that I don’t know AM/PM catching is that fucking easy.

Hmm my w850i still haven’t finish transfering the songs I got from Jeevan. Bah.

It just feels like 22 damn shots to the head.

Nothing beats that unless someone did a hand removal procedure, throw and burn that hand and restored. I’ll be fucking impressed that way.

I just noticed moments ago after submitting my coursework that I’m a thinker, but I let my heart do the talking. So actually I’m a separated being in 2 dimensional worlds. More or less like the main feminine leading character in Mahoraba where she have 4 types of personalities (where I might actually have more lol).

Ok I felt so random now.


My way of pondering stuffs is way different from what other people will do. It’s like you give me a straight pencil and I will tell you that it’s (all kinds of random thoughts will sprout in my brain) and I will make your jaw drop on the spot, yeah I’m that random.

Supon supon supon~!

Tuckie going Adelaide maybe. Rich bastard lol.

I want to see how this song sounds on my poor laptop speakers:

Now playing — Apologize (Feat One Republic) – Timbaland

The bass sounds so nice in Kwang’s car… 2k sound system installed by his cousin sister where he just don’t know how to appreciate it. What the hell loll.

“It’s too late…”

Yes definitely I’m on sugar high last night. Zetai zetai sugar high.

People usually say and think that WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), unfortunately, life works the other way round. Reality is a perception (as said by minority from LYN). He gave a crude example where gays might think that mayanne is a guy and still generate pleasure out of it. Which is quite true.

So it depends on how you look at something. I often advice ppl to look at the bright side of life, well, unfortunately this saying is true too (it’s easier SAID then DONE). But yeah, nonetheless every cloud has a silver lining.

I can still remember Form 5 I use to read that essay book and remembered that quote so much.

I feel so unsure
as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
as the music dies, something in your eyes
calls to mind the silver screen
and all its sad good-byes”

So let’s see… I feel like opening out suddenly. Just got that inspiration lolz. Sudden inspiration is often the best way to express ourselves.

First of all, life. This month has been a very VERY VERY VERY VERY bad month for me. Yes, I have to admit at first I was a bit too pushy and too stupid to use my head to think and did the wrong thing at the wrong time. I confessed to a girl on April’s Fool. Wow, look who’s the fool now.

Well, it’s just weird, sometimes you can’t tell what make one do so and how on earth it just happened. Kwang mentioned to me that in Business, is what you forecast that matters not autopsy as you can’t earn anything from what happened as it will not come again. I wonder if it applies to life as well.

Now playing — Hugh Grant – Love Autopsy (damn cool song).

“What went wrong…”

Then things started to get complicated… a bit too complicated to a certain extend. See, assignments, studies, this and that. As it is assignments have been killing all of us for Computer Science students (blardy hell this is the first year for us and the first time in history of Nottingham Malaysia to do programming for “Introduction to Software Engineering” where we should be doing only diagrams. WTF man.) and thank god we did manage to pull through that. Cornelius told me that he’s gonna brush up on his Java and OOP. I will master it, not brushing up, definitely brushing it up will bring you no where down the road.

Yes… Annual dinner. That week is the most stressed out, flattening, troublesome week indeed.

Advertisement time — Caleb requesting for the pics Brian sent me last night *facepalm*

So back to topic shall we?

So yes, why would I say that week is the most fuck-ed up week I can ever have?

Because I freaking have 3 assignments to do, presentations, and I GET A MILD FOOD POISONING FGFS. Why can’t I get it after exams or whatever (touchwood). It’s so troublesome, frequent visit to the toilet, feel like I just being raped by one bunch of niggas, what goes in comes out from north and south, later on aftermaths of killing myself after Annual Dinner night by mixing one shot of brandy and one bottle of bear, and I can’t breathe for the following few days. Have to trouble Kwang again.

Not only that, during annual dinner itself we have a 10-course meal. I approximately travelled to the toilet for 2 times per meal served. Imagine that. Thank god Andy accompanied me to the toilet if not it’s gonna be damn boring and what if I fainted in the cube. Fuck… I don’t want to know.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… that’s what I told Stephanie, but unfortunately she replied me with *goes check*
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: lol
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: aiyo
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: that one different la
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: cannot use in this case
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: umm
(11:57 PM) – – ► Stephanie: panadol?
What’s so different =s

Btw, it’s unfair for someone to request another person to fulfill the 10 commandments while he/she in person doesn’t take the initiative to do so.

Ah yeah, not to forget I got kicked out from the house… That’s when the real shit comes in. Fuck.

Been sighing all the way. Can’t concentrate on studies now. Been typing this for hours lulz.

Now Playing — BoA – LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA

Doping Panda woot woot XD

Aaaaaah *stretches his body*

Where am I now? @_@

Yes, so… damn sui lah. I’m gonna claim back everything during summer holidays XD

You see… when you fall for someone at the wrong time, it doesn’t matter as long as you can handle it. Am getting a grasp of it so it’s fine.

After tonight… sleep well, then… look for a better start tomorrow and let the ball rolling.

Just don’t roll of the hill and ended up in the ditch lah… Lol.

BTW I feel like slapping tuckie on the face when he call me smallkid, Yy let’s rape him. *evil grins* Lol.

Was chatting with Caleb until I send him the pics… wonder how is he doing with his tissues now… Hmm.

Feel like sleeping.

Wait don’t they have a wordcount for WordPress? Too bad.

*1457 words* Wow. I can actually write a thesis given with I have a correct information.

I better go check out on my clothes now. WBRB.

Pssst… I keep everything to myself as I don’t want my parents and other people to worry about me.



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