Hmm, this is what you call life.


Well… sometimes God works in mysterious ways… and we can’t see it till everything is coast clear (which is actually quite rare for it to happen lulz).

Ok, let’s speak on my part before elaborating on lilgirl’s part, that will be a dedicated post.

So, after I walked away clean as a white sheet of paper… chilling a bit lah, surf here and there and rest a bit. Then Jeevan fetched me for dinner, joined Kwang and Hong Chien. Nice dinner. Cheap too. Mum called, and ranted this and that, and say that she prayed for me to get over this (yea I really appreciate it mum, I do) and my dad never talked to me yet as he’s gonna come up with some genius ideas later. Lol, as usual.

So, during dinner mind challenging questions will come out (for me as I know jack), and yes Jeevan is particularly well in elaborating on futons as that’s what he’s been doing for his FYP! Kwang was like, “No wonder lah you can elaborate to well lol”.

After dinner, went over Kwang’s place, dropped my stuffs there, and stoned in Jeevan’s room. Deleted some old songs on my w850i, and transfer new songs. Kwang came in later after his bath and we all are busy watching exotic car photos… which triggers Jeevan’s deepest fantasy lulz. He even said that he will cum to cars… wtf. *facepalm* As it is Chihara Minori’s voice is enough to… never mind.

Stoned there for a few hours until I went mamak with Kwang. It’s been a while =D So chatted with Kwang lor, this and that, and about masturbation. The most interesting topic I could ever talk about (my circle of friends all take sex as a taboo wtf man). ._.

So I asked him since when he started, why, how, this and that. I’m like… fucker so damn early lah you lol. We all laughed lol… and yes Kwang hasn’t changed motive since… but he say he can abstain from having sex till marriage but “I can gladly say I cannot abstain from masturbation” =___=||| wtf.

“1 week also bad enough ady…” lol.

Damn the alcohol lah. I came. Fuck.

Been trying to abstain on my side. It’s like… lol, can live without it. It’s not a necessity. For Jeevan, I told him I’m planning to abstain till marriage, for either ‘activities’ lah, he say, when you reach 20, do it interval of a day. Well I get his point, but just that… you’re fapping for nothing lol.

A bit too much info lulz.

Anyway, Kwang’s room’s empty. Gonna take that as kindergarten’s full ady. Fuck.

He sent me back just now, and then when I come in, my msn dc and never reconnected since 8:30pm. =___= kns. So I sign in, and lilgirl talked to me. I feel that something’s wrong, so I went and check her blog. I went wtf and shocked. Well, she’s the one having the hard time, I feel for her, I’d been through something similar but not as mild as her. As it is I was given the liberty to choose (as my parents know I suck in science subjects LOL)… still, it’s a very hard choice for her because she got no damn choice to start with. She’s going Perak tomorrow for 2 days… all the best to her. Be safe, and enjoy as much as you can. =)

That’s going into another entry.

Hmm, me choosing cappuccino is like… striking a jackpot lol. I did the colour test before tho, but, this was my first time =P

Well, guess that pretty much ends this post. Unless I come out with something smart to say, this will be the punctuation mark for the post. Lulz.

Ah yeah, I have to edit my code tomorrow morning, make sure everything’s working fine, and print the damn thing. Oh fuck I forgot to take empty cd from Jeevan. My god. =___= damnit!

Tomorrow must remember… Oops I mean today. =P

Lot’s of love,


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