Oh Great (Way Back Into Love)


Yeah I know I should be sleeping and not watching movies… Cut the crap.

Today, what happened… I forgot. Let’s see:

Jeevan took me out for lunch, went to Auntie’s place, as usual, done with lunch and I’m back home. Then since then I’d been trying to code… I mean I did manage to get it work finally after a nap. Kinda stoned and boring, nothing much to highlight.

Next, dinner, took my bath, went out at around 6 something pm, to KFC The Store (yes it’s inside). Saw Ali there (coursemate), and talked to him about our Java Assignment. God damn he’s fast he finished it. I still haven’t really compile everything yet, tomorrow. I need to double check again.

So, after that, I reward myself with Music and Lyrics (thanks Jeev), tho the quality is a bit poor, still at least I can watch it. I’m gonna get pure HD for that.

So here’s a brief highlight:

Alex Fletcher (yes I know he sounds like bone in DotA), somehow teamed up with a girl (Drew) and yeah, they got along, pure genius lyrics, this and that, high and low tides, been through all of them. Arguments occur, feelings got hurt, shattered, <insert here>. Then in the end it’s all beautiful.

I was not expecting the end to be a very good one… It proved me wrong. It’s pure genius. I liked the ending. Kudos to the director of the movie.

Tho the part where the girl spoils the whole song really funny… and a lot of candid moments too. It’s worth the praise. Emotionally-affecting, yet it’s good.

My brain just went dead when the girl sang that lyrics… It’s like *snap* oh dang. Stoned there… and then I feel what ‘Alex’ is feeling lol.

Some screenies… for lil girl.

And so, overall, something worth watching.

My heart is pounding as if it’s gonna jump out any second whilst watching the movie, no am not getting horny nor turned on, but panic for tomorrow’s meeting. Sigh. All the best to me.

It is still pounding btw.

I talked to Jyezze, I did not foresee that. Seriously. Anyway, she’s running her online business, so I asked a bit here and there. When it comes to my part… she went like wow.

Thanks for the advices Jyezze, appreciate it.

A quote from her (several in fact):

Was asking about which is more important in a relationship (faith or communication)

(11:29 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: your thoughts?
(11:29 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: both
(11:29 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: its a give n take thing
(11:29 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: everything balanced to keep it going
(11:29 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: ohh I like your reply haha
(11:30 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: hahaha why XD
(11:30 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: i dunno, to me its a rather obvious answer P
(11:30 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: both ah
(11:30 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: I know both lah.. but if you were to choose one that stands out
(11:30 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: which would it be?>
(11:31 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: faith
(11:31 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: why is it so?
(11:32 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: u can call each other n chat everyday… see everyday…
(11:32 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: but it means absolutely if u have no faith in ur relationship
(11:32 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: i see my bf only once a week
(11:32 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: weekdays usually no calls, just sms only
(11:33 PM) (F)eXPeri3nc3™ – N: o
(11:33 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: lol im like a life example P
(11:28 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: if one* got no faith then its very hard to keep it
(11:28 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: me n my bf went thru a lot of problems
(11:28 PM) Jyezze~ =_=: we are still strong together coz we believe and we WANT to make it work

*edited a bit.

So, guess that’s all for the day. Of I go and see what’s in front of me.

Well, if Music and Lyrics is gay porn… I got nothing much to say about it.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.


[Addenum — The movie’s sound is just… too soft]

[Addenum 2 — Nothing hurts more than collateral damage dealt on you while the opponent never realises it]


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One Response to “Oh Great (Way Back Into Love)”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    wooooooo they kissed!!! you happy lar ahahahahah

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