I Walked Away As A Free Man


Yes, I do. Thank God!

Here are the details… But before that, something personal.

Now playing — Lucky Star Remix – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”

On the phone with Jeevan… He never sleep and he submitted his FYP… Wow. Lulz. He asked how’s Music and Lyrics, I say good! ^^

Anyway, back to topic.

Minminminurunrun minurunrun~

You are my gravity… gravity…~

I instantly messaged for ppl after meeting Mr Lotus. Mum, Jeev, Enig, and lilgirl. Others… they probably didn’t know about anything. Lulz. Celestia got shocked tho. Everything’s fine in the end. Thank god.

O/T – You can always read something this way or that way. Nonetheless, does it change anything?

Ah so… I woke up this morning… I’m so blur… and I slept again. Good thing I put my alarm at 8:30 am so that I could wake up at 9:00 am lol. Knew it. Wash up, then straight away check my email again. Then I look at the date ’22 April 2008′ – I went fuck on the spot. What the hell? Tomorrow? Then I wake up so early for what? Me being annoyed by my stupid mistake instantly send a message to Mr Lotus, requesting an early meeting. I got it at 3:00 pm. Fine, and I did ask him what was the main intention of the appointment, he didn’t reply.

Never mind… So I surfed here and there, suddenly tuckie nudge me, and told me… Dude, what have you told Steph? I went… dude, what happened? o_O He refer me to lilgirl’s blog, then I went… *raised my eyebrow a few inches and stun for 999999 secs* That ain’t normal. Yes, I concur.

So I was like… Dude I did nothing… then never mind spent some time reading it… ah yeah replied her sms, choose Cappucino… and the reply was (u love me) – I don’t know if I should be happy or sad lol. XD
Here goes:

Coffee – u miz me.
Tea – u care 4me.
Cappucino – u love me.
Milk – im ur special person.
Fruit juice – We’re best friend.
Beer – u hate me.
Wine – u like me.
Vodka – u want me.

Knowing kwang, he would have gone for vodka or wine lol.

Then sms-ed with lilgirl lor… she’s still asleep. Prolly I woke her up. =P

Anyway, took a bath, be prepared mentally. Concentrate… ah yeah modified my code a bit. Chatted with Brian, apparently his Java 6u5 got problems… Lol it’s working fine here thank god.

He’s cursing the shit out of Java. =X

Then, I was waiting for Jeevan… and I went catabollic. So I dressed formal, and walked to Campus at 2pm. Ate in SA, nothing much left so I took the set burger + fries. RM4.50 man… Increased price again bleh. Saw Raymond and his gf. Hmm.

So I left, bought a canned drink, and walked to Comp Lab… then I noticed that my Student ID is missing. Crap, I left it at home, so I have to freaking walk all the way back to take it. Saw the ladies, ah yeah discussed about the kindergarten place to stay. Caleb! I need to talk to you.

Now Playing — Lucky Star – Motteke! Sailor Fuku [Choushi Koite Gyokusai Mix]


So, after I took my Student ID, drenched in perspiration, walked to Comp Lab, find Jeevan and talked to him for a while. Went upstairs, toilet, then wait in front of the office. Saw a Malay Officer walked out and back again, so he asked me “Yes may I help you, who are you waiting for?”

I went “Oh never mind, I’m just killing my time, I’m waiting for Mr Lotus to *haven’t finish sentence yet*”

“Oh, you want to see him? He’s not back yet, you want to wait in the Office?”

“Ah sure, thanks”

And so I sat in the office. Nice environment. Heard staff’s chatter, ringtone (all kinds of ringtone), this and that. Looked at their office layout, decent lah~ Noticed their server room outside just now, the CCTV real time processing, and it’s damn smooth. Black and white tho. Nice HP server racks… Damn. *drools*

Inside, there’s a real time monitoring system set beside the entrance. A network topology is displayed on that CRT monitor, and all nodes are green besides the one protruding top right. I assume that’s either a backup or the server. Damn chunted, 2 comps there, and in the server room got quite a few racks and PCs there.

Waited till 3:00pm, and Mr Lotus came back. The Malay Officer came and ask me, “You’re looking for who?” I say “Oh Mr Lotus” and I turned left, I noticed him, then I bow a bit to the Malay Officer and walked towards Mr Lotus. Talked to him a bit, and he asked me to wait outside again. For 10mins or so. He said 5 tho *rollseyes*

Went into his room when he called me, that time is around 3:15pm. I sat down, talked to him. So he asked me some typical questions, where did I stay, “are you from computer science?”, this and that. Typical questions lah.

Then he came to the main point and asked me why I posted that in Uncyclopedia. I said I was bored. =P Seriously that day I NBTD. The thing is, I don’t know why but I don’t think that I used the university’s network to post that. It’s external IP, but when he showed me in Uncyclopedia it’s uni’s static IP. I went like *huh? drops jaw* Never mind, so after a few rounds of questions I know that they keep all of the logs. By all I mean ALL. From the start till eternity. They even have printer logs (I knew it, I saw that coming). Ok, talk about my case first before I go to the printer issue.

And so I told him how I find out about the hacks, this and that. He was like shocked a bit, he knows his stuff, but not all. I don’t think he’s aware of a current glitch *rolls eyes* nevermind, I’ll come to that.

Asked him, who is the one that posted in wikipedia and started defaming people… It tallys to what Brian said, and I told him I know who. I asked him, is he a malaysian? So he told me, I can’t tell you that but he’s from Computer Science. He grinned a bit, and when I say his name he laughed and *facepalm* then he admit it. Lol.

So there I go telling him how I did this and that, why, and what happened. He say I’m free to hack into their system, but be ethical. That’s the main point of this appointment. He wants me to be ethical. I understand that now. I told him I reported that before informally, and he says he’s interested to look back at the OLD EMAILS I’d sent like 1 YEAR AGO?! Wow. Dang lol.

So basically he knows what I’m doing, and he thought that “staff access” means I can access the staff directory. So far as I know even local admin cannot do that. It’s on a network seperate folder… cannot lah. =P

Then I explained that staff access is actually a term those ppl came out with 2 years back when someone manage to use the speedhack and store stuffs inside. Because that’s what staff account can do. I see it with my own eyes, Eric’s account. Blardy hell damn a lot of stuffs.

Novell… I asked him why we change it to M$. He told me it’s the order from UK, they are using Novell and having difficulties maintaining the system, as in UK there’s 30k ppl, hard to control. He highlighted that we have no problems running Novell. Yes, it’s damn stable over here.

Then he say when they migrate from Novell to OWA, the printing stuffs and others need to change also… so they directly change everything to M$.

I looked at the printed log… It’s so detailed. Damnit. My access was labeled in red color, while others are black. That was only for uncyclopedia access, there’s a few pages. The format of the log is as follows:

http://somesite.com/php?q1e9riefsdn POST <username>
http://somesite.com/phpadquhe1qri1 GET <username>

So it tracks POST and GET transmit methods. I went walao… Ofc I never say it out but yeah lol.

I saw Roy’s username there accessing Uncyclopedia Adolf Hitler’s page. XD

Someone reported to him, if not he wouldn’t be so free to track me down. So he didn’t disclose it, but you’ll know lah.

He asked me if I’m a security enthusiast, I said I am. Then he mentioned about CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking) where he need to sign with the FBI, that they have to keep track on who attended the course. He showed me the stack of notes. I’m gonna borrow it from him someday.

He did mention about another one… but hey, I’m a student, RM3k means a lot to me =P

Then he mentioned about IP phones, dual monitor, laptop docks, this and that. I’m gonna get a laptop dock man, damn practical. But ofc working environment yes. Haha. Home one unless I get a flatscreen TV or whatever I’ll definitely get that lol.

Asked quite a few questions, talked to him, discussed about OWA (Outlook Web Access), and yes the damn formatting panel WILL NOT SHOW IN FIREFOX. It will show in IE if you select ENHANCED MODE. Fuck, so now you know how to.

Novell still better. =P I like Novell, can retract mail, track message, timestamp (he highlighted that to me), and others.

Damn. The only thing with Novell is it doesn’t support web interface.

Ah well.

Damn hot now.

I asked about the internet lines… their backbone. Here’s the feedback I got. I know a lot of students been wondering about it quite a long time. I got to know it from Mr Lotus. =D

Our university internet backbone consists of 3 main lines, named:
TM (8MB Line)
Myren Line (2MB Line)
ExtremeBB (5MB Line)

And yes, it’s mainly using TM’s line which is slow… He admitted it too. Lol. Myren line is a line to interconnect colleges and universities. Interesting.

They use Myren Line to connect to UK, as it’s faster (he claimed).

So now you know.

Then he’s starting to get busy, and he ended the discussion. So I left the room, shake his hands, and leave the office.

I walk away as a free man.

Just that lesson learned — Don’t do shit under university / ISP network, they can track you down with their logs.

I told him, if I were to sabotage I would have use proxies or whatever, then he concured, he says “You’re a computer science student, that’s why you should know about it, just that why you want to post it?”

So that was the question.

Ah at last it’s over. I will talk to Mr Lotus in a while, I got his permission to see if my theory works on the printer glitch *wink*

He mentioned about a glitch where when the printing account balance is negative, the students still can print. So he says, “Go ahead and print lah, we have logs what, we just charge you lah. If you don’t pay we don’t let you to use, that’s it”

So, the other thing that he doesn’t believe that the other glitch exist. Caleb *wink wink* =P

Time to do testing.

He asked me to venture into Security as he said that it’s quite demanding in the current market… which is what I like too.

Grey hats ftw XD

So guess that’s all lah. *moved neck to left and right*


They buy a lot of HP stuffs huh. Damn a lot of boxes, and the computers are HP.

If only we can bypass the door locking system =P

I’m gonna chat with him again. Interesting.

Guess that’s all for now.

eXP. (Love you mum)

O/T — If you have no faith in preserving the relationship, why even think of it as definitely it’s gonna break.

[6 o’clock edit — You know, when a guy is down, he can barely taste anything (if you can understand this I respect you lol)]


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  1. Brian Says:

    See, I told you I was sure you were in the lab when you posted it 😀

  2. how to hack into someone s computer Says:

    […] On the phone with Jeevan?? He never sleep and he submitted his FYP?? Wow. Lulz. He asked how??https://experi3nc3.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/i-walked-away-as-a-free-man/Hacker testifies News Corp unit hired him Reuters via Yahoo! News A computer hacker testified on […]

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