Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Damn


Well, when I wake up, and decided to check the email again… Only NOW I noticed that it’s 22nd not 21st doh.gif

Alamak… I almost made a fool out of myself. Nonetheless, I emailed Mr Lotus and got it brought forward today at 3pm.

Well seems like he is reluctant to tell me the main reason he wants to see me. Agh. Just hope for the best, I’ll apologise when needed, tell anything I know, and plead for guilty if I am.

Gah. >w<

I should have slept more.

Cappuccino… Coffee… Which one have a smoother taste already? Lulz.

Ok, first time… so long. Compact, book header some more. Wow.

Probably I’ll get some sleep now… or arrange my java assignment… while waiting for a reply from Mr Lotus (I doubt that he’s gonna reply tho…).

Sigh. *prays to god*

Yes till now still no reply. Forget it. I shall be a man and accept whatever that will happen to me. Be responsible for what I’d posted.

… and yes, this month is dividing by zero. Epic-ness.

Now playing — Lucky Star Remix – Kumikyoku “Lucky Star Douga”


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