What A Day


Ok, here I am naked while blogging this post. LOL.

Ok lah partially lah. =X

Anyway… should I go through from the start or just highlights… Hmm.

First of all, since last night, the stove ran out of gas, so… cannot cook my potatoes. I have to throw them away. Was chatting with lilgirl last night in meebo and I know that I won’t be able to online for a few more days… as it is I online just to blog about this, I’m having a slight headache due to the tiredness I’m suffering now.

So, let’s jump to this morning. I slept “quite” early, very in fact, and then woke up at 9am. Wow. Alarm at 10am and I woke up so early. I can hear Caleb messing up his room, and by the time I left for university his mom came to ferry his stuffs back to Ampang. So I was discussing with him about the place we were told to have an empty room, good deal some more. See how lor, let him take then if he’s not willing to share (given that the room is too small, but IINM I’d been there lah it’s quite spacious).

Hell I make a typo in the LYN thread.

So… where am I. Ah yeah. Then, attended the java lab exam, and got full marks. Brian and others got it as well. Lol expected for them.

The shitty part comes in. Mr Lotus send me an email saying an appointment with me next week regarding the message I posted in Uncyclopedia. =\ I think I’m in deep shit. Hopefully they just want to know more about the hack. It’s no longer working anyway.

I opened that email right before the exams started… so I am damn nervous and I can’t think well. In the end I manage to pull that through. Thank god.

Next, went to SA and eat dogfood… not really dogfood but chicken rice (the only thing left edible besides roti canai and stuffs). SA food degraded like hell man… Back in foundation where we used to complain and they change for a better service… Then after a while everything turned back to square one… Heck in fact the food degraded and worse than before. All my foundation friends said the same.

Then, went back home, packed my stuffs. I never really know that I brought damn a lot of my clothes to Semenyih. Imagine one big travel back (conventional square one, large one), filled with my clothes ONLY, and I still need to find another bag to put it. God, shouldn’t have brought that much. >_>

Packed a bit, here and there, around 3pm took a bath and went to campus to catch the bus to MidValley with 5 people. (Uncle Michael, KY, Seow, Hadis, Ali, Brian).

They went and watch movie… too bad they are not watching 27 dresses or the Three Kingdoms. I refused to watch anything else, so I ended up in Borders with Kung Yen in the Gardens. The Borders there is so far the best I’d been to. All books open cover, not closed, and not much people there. Very nice ambiance, and I can leisurely take a book and finish it on the spot (I didn’t cos not much time lulz).

Read quite a few books there… glanced through the biography of Einstein (very very interesting read), then some random fiction books (some love thingy in the title but non related to romance at all), then a bit of here and there, David Copperfield (wtf I went @_@ when I look at the font), and last but not least Love Signs (very interesting book, tho I think that it might contradict with PuA theories). Never been to the computer section again, second time now. Haih.

So it’s worth it IMO for me to be in Borders and learn something new instead of wasting my money over some comedy movie and laugh my ass off. Heck, give me water and food supply, I’ll camp there. Lol.

After they’re done with the movie, we went for dinner in some cafe thingy, just a shop lot in the middle of the department store. Midvalley is weird lol. Ah yeah there’s Ahmed, a Year 2 CS student. Chatted with him for quite a bit. He highlighted the difference between British and American education system. Interesting.

After we’re done with the meal, *during that time HJoo took some photos*, and as usual in the conversations I’ll be invisible… even taking photos. =\ I’m not surprised when the sarcastic Michael is there.

Then walked around, I practiced coin palming with 20 cents. Virtually palming it in both hands where ever I go. They went to play bowling, I planned to play, but I went to toilet that time and they rented the space ady… so too bad lor.

See them play, Ali quite pro, can curve summore, then Seow keep missing don’t know why. The best thing is, Hadis let me play the last ball… and that was the first time I’m touching the damn bowling ball on the track! I know it’s either all down or ball down the ditch lol. So I give it my best shot, I threw it correctly with that pose, and I see the ball going PERFECTLY straight (yes I’m not kidding I got shocked myself, perfect straight line) heading towards the middle… and *bam*. Everything went down. In my heart I went “Holy shit”… my friends cheered. Wee. MY FIRST STRIKE ON MY FIRST BALL. BEAT THAT LOL. XD Weeeee~ Seriously, my first ball, and strike, real life game, not computer game. Weee =D

I was so damn happy. I manage to help Hadis to win the game summore with my strike and additional points. Ah yeah, the second and third try I missed a bit. Second ball is funny. Went into the ditch, bounce the wall, and it DRIFTED into the track. Manage to get 3 down. Lol. My friends went WTF, me included. Good shit. Ali says that he never see that happen before and he says it’s impossible. Man, I create miracles lol.

That was the best shot ever.

So went out, and went down to Jusco, Brian got his canned drink, I bought a bottle of hundred plus and some kaya ball. Went to KTM station MidValley, and alighted the very pack train of KTM. The train to Seremban was delayed for 15mins due to something which I can’t hear clearly. Anyway, we manage to come back on time, while the bus arrived slightly after that (I think the bus come only after he sees the train pass him). Good shit… saved RM20 for the taxi. Haha.

Now, here I am, posting in my legendary blog.

Anyway, I think that I should not put my nickname there. I’m not attempting my luck, not taking any chances man. All the best for me for monday.

*Prays to god*

I took one photo of the advertisement… which has a very romantic quote. Don’t know if I can see the words properly or not.

Marry me?
Forever begins here

And our hearts
shall beat as one

I do
Until the end of time

By Something Blue

I like this. Shouldn’t be taken literally, but you get the idea.

On the walls, Borders have quite a few impressive quotes as well. I never take any photo about that tho, should have taken some. Very very interesting ones. Don’t know where they got it from. Haha.

At the end of the day = Anxious Me + Tired Me

I kept thinking about her. I don’t know why.

Ah yeah, did I mention about the shop where sells teddy bears? So many teddy bears inside. Planned to go in and have a look but didn’t. The thing is, that shop particularly have a lot of pink teddy bears inside. Hmm. That shop only. Interesting shop.

Planned to take a photo but scared that the shopkeeper don’t like it. So I didn’t. If not prepare for invasion lol.

The book taught me something. Einstein’s biography in particular. It takes curiosity to take something to a higher level. Which now I should rephrase, curiosity didn’t kill Einstein lol. *respects*

… and another few aspects here and there. Now I feel better.

I might have made a very wrong judgment / decision… should I reconsider? I mean, no point going on like this…

I’d made a lot of misjudgments last time too, so, I won’t be surprised if I really do again this time. It’s part of the learning process yes, but I don’t seem to learn or get a hang of it.

Sigh. Maybe I should quit writing those fancy fancy stuffs where “no one” could understand. Yes it’s Steph

Yes, anonymity is number one now. Solitary confinement.

No more cat out of the bag, thank you.


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