Ranting Makes One Look Like A Wuss


…. but then again, who on earth won’t?

I’m hungry x_x

Tomorrow Lab Exam, and pass up the… err UST Coursework.

Don’t care ady lah.

What’s wrong with me.

I sweat for nothing… my heartbeat increases for something…

I get nervous for something… I get angry for something that will not happen…

I get puzzled over things that is actually not my problem…

Bleh… *konata’s lazy tune*

*looking at a corner, stoned*

OMG I can seriously stone for the whole night. Lol.

Why lah… I’m having an emotional breakdown again… for what?!

What the hell.

Words can’t explain how I feel, how I think, the urge I have…

Maybe I should quit LYN. Solitary confinement. Forget about MSN. Forget about friendster. Forget it.

But no, instead I want to become a wuss and rant about it, can’t even get over and done with.

Heck, even tuckie is better than me in a sense that he came to his senses / grip.

Nat is correct… I should get a grip. I can’t. I just don’t know. She just…

I… just don’t know *breaks into pieces* [It’s for you Steph]

“You seem to be a voice of the distant star,
where shines on me at night,
I wish I can go as far,
and get you with all my might.”



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