Death Hunger Miserable Lifeless Nerd Die Bitch Bastard Emo Kill War Sickness Evil Pity Arrogant Procrastinate Devil Bad Starving Curse Haunted Ghost Faint Pant Rant Sad Lazy Lethargic Crazy Wacky Delusioned Naive Noob Suck Loser Sore Ugly Dirty Disgusting Miserable Pathetic Dumb Idiot Slow Incomplete Lonely Deceased Boycotted Solemn Sober Sombre Gloom Eerie Haunted Wanker Slut Hate Anger Frustrations Stress Problems Obstacles Puke Monster Obsessed Possessed Brainwashed Controlled Impotent Scumbag Sly Shame Disgrace Fall Gay Temptation Lust Fret Infatuation Sex Overprotective Lookdown Homeless Wacko Clueless Deformed Dependent Scared Fear Dejection Rejection Ignored Ignorance Hate Scared Pussy Swine Disrespect Disagree Lame Rely Gripless Exile Remove Abortion

I’m just procrastinating. Lol.

I just ask myself 3 things, am I ready, are you, and are we?

Exams, bah.



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