Journey to The North? (Pun intended)


Just when lilgirl have her journey to the North (perak) for her petronas camp (yea and sorry for the interruption I called my dad as he can’t get me. Yeah I need to burn incense in my room hmmm) for 2 days. So, she’s cut off from the internet. Hopefully she gain more experience in it (obviously it’s a very good opportunity to socialise [look who’s talking lol] and learn more). Been there, done that, but there’s no more such chances.

You see my body miss her so much (pun intended) and traveled north too (vomited). (pun intended). Wow =P

Now playing — Eminem – The Real Slim Shady

*pssst so that’s the power of makeup lol*


So yeah, it was weird (she said) to sleep so early. I was still stoning (that the fact she need to wake up 3am in the morning and go all the way to Perak). Wow. I’ll go nuts man if I were in her shoes.

Being me, I wished her all the best, and went to sleep on the sofa whilst downloading Hellsing Ova vol 4. Good shit. Haha.

So in the next day (this morning) I woke up on the sofa (2nd day doing so), and was greeted with a massive migraine. I straight away fell back to sleep and woke up 2 hours later. Am not feeling well that time, very. The effect is just killing… Almost fainted. So I forced myself to watch Hellsing and everything turned out okay. So, finished the 40minutes animation, and I feel very hot. Suspect myself to have fever that time, so I went and take a bath. Just after I manage to finish my bath, I kneel down towards the toilet bowl and vomited acid liquid from my stomach, just like that. I know I’m fucked that time.

Dragged myself back to the room, get myself dressed, (interruption — jiahui asking for answers =_=) and yea, vomited quite a few times after I drank some water. Acid reflux, I can confirm that is. So quickly messaged Kwang for lunch, and he replied that he will come and fetch me. He got no class, so I’m saved. I need to attend the IET / ICT / MDec talk at 1pm whilst having a migraine and acid reflux on my stomach! (I shouldn’t have took noodles at night. What to do, I’m catabollicking then and dehydrated in the morning. Shit happens man.

So. went out for lunch with Kwang, went to the shop near the bridge, as he wanted to pay bills (I never knew that until we finish our meal.) and so I went there with a plastic bag (in case I vomit in Kwang’s car), and sat down, after ordering mee soup (I was expecting PURE mee soup, but it’s actually wantan mee soup. Nevermind…) so ate a few bites, and I utilised the plastic bag. Fuck, yes I puked. I paused a while, eat a bit, then just whack the whole plate down, vomit vomit lah. =___= *Brian transfering tsundere pics wtf lol*

Paid the bills, went opposite to the post office. Went inside, got chairs ady and QMS (Queue management system) ady. Wooo cool. Kwang’s ticket number 2222 lol. How nice. Waited a while before he manage to get his bills paid and we left the scene. I went back, get dressed up, and walked slowly to university with 1 empty bottle and slacks paired with black leather shoes.

While I’m about to lock the door, Huijoo walked past my house, without her noticing me, I followed behind her.

Until I reach the TTS 5 to university bridge, I greeted the two ladies (sellers) and only then she noticed I was behind her lol. Talked to her regarding the talk (irony right lol), and I walked to the faculty office to submit my coursework. When everything’s done, I walked to Admin building, and I thought that the talk is held there, but noooooo brian called me and I can’t hear shit, I called back and walked to F1A15. Sat there, and then a cool guy apporached me with the following:

Female Speaker : Hey, sit down here lah. Come closer.
Me : It’s ok, I’ll go down (the hall), I’m waiting for my friends.
*That guy came up*
Sam: Hey, are you the guy who posted in eXPeri3nc3’s Corner?
Me : *Stun 3 secs* Err yea? *smiled*
Sam : Hi I’m Sam *does the handshake used by NIgerians, shake, pull, shake, retract) [He’s not a nigerian btw]
Me : *shakes hand* Ah hi, how did you find my blog?
Sam: You posted annual dinner photos there what, I saw your photo.
Me: Oh lol.
Sam: I read your blog, I like your posts. Cool blog.
Me : I see, thanks.
Sam : Consider yourself to have a fan.

I tell you, that’s uber cool! Nice to meet you dude. =D

So, I went down, sat there, and listen to the talk. Interesting…. ok lah. Got souvenirs too. Lol. The female speaker is interesting, her proficiency in English… chunted. She’s cute too.

*Brian sends me pantyshot omfg*

After that, we went to Great Hall, stoned there for a while, Cornelius came, and I went to Blue Building. Feeling slightly better after 2 panadols. But then the effect is still there.

During presentation, Cornelius took the lead, and I finished the ending part. The other two girls for display. Lol. Basically I think that our site quite ok in terms of functionality, but in terms of design, I have to admit it’s just normal. Not too simple and not too complicated. Michael’s website nice, others too. Different designs. Interesting. I have yet to learn more about website designing.

Apart from that, I played ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery) in class whilst presentation going on, it’s basically a RPG DOS game. Quite addictive, others admit it too. I died like how many times. Fuck lah. Get to know more command keys now haha. At least I don’t die that fast XD

Went back home after that with Jeevan, munching on Bytes. Yummy.

He nags me to reveal chatlogs… My policy is P&C,C&C. So, no no.

Called Kwang for dinner… and I’m feeling dizzy, so slept in the car. When I wake up, I went “OMFG Sungai Long?”
Kwang greeted me with yes, it’s Sungai Long.

It’s been quite a while since we went there. Had fried chicken rice there (I know it’s dangerous, but I’m just too hungry). Polished the plate, and walkaround in the pasar malam. UTAR girls. Lol. With their T-shirt. *whistles and walk passed them*

Not much there lah, Kwang is looking for the VCD seller, while I’m just churning the food I ate lolz. After that, kwang got his whatever-protein-balls (it sounds wrong I know), and Jeevan got his *what was it again?* something lah. Onigiri. I guess.

Went back, and they dropped me at Maybank, and I paid Kwang the (Sunshine Club) entrance fee lol.

On the way home mum called, chatted with her about house, health issues, what happened, this and that. Then when I reach home, I saw Caleb, and he says he have something that I must watch *his usual wink wink* =__= So I went into his room and watched to episodes of it.

Stoning sial, I went wtf at quite a few occasions (it’s anime doink). Butler. Lmao.

Funny lah, so now I am blogging about it for the past 1 hour. Lol.

*Jhen asked me what’s the error in her javascript… she copied the wrong code lol. And if you don’t declare the var how you use it? Lol*

*stomach ache*

Messaged lilgirl, no replies. =(
I missed using =3 when she’s not around, I miss her. Shhh.
And yes, my blog is no longer anonymous LOL.

Sam’s words “So much for being anonymous”

Heck =P

Hoping for a better tomorrow. Duh. I mean my condition lah.

I need to smoke my damn room with incense… woot.

Called dad and he nagged me like hell… nvm. He’s still my dad anyway.

Now playing — DJ contacreast – Melody From Heaven (top fave trance music!)

*follows the tune of the music*

When ppl don’t know what to look for, they can’t find it. Lol. That’s the truth.

I’ll brush up my code later (java), or maybe rest for the day and continue everything tomorrow. One thing’s for sure, I need to packup everything before the month ends.

Another lonely day in the house I’m about to leave.
Another day without your presence too…

All the best to Smacky in her scholarship camp. Goodnight from me, even though you never actually receive this.

Tuckie, yes, gathering after mid-May please?


*another edit
Natakaasd bookfair for 3 days, he ‘tao tia’ for 3 days lol. Poor him.
/methinks me got the correct meaning for this… *winamp just syncs man*

Now playing — Hugh Grant & Harley Bernett – Way Back Into Love

Posted by GreyLegion81 in LYN in one of the threads… which is quite true for my current status



The powers of sync-ing with the tools you frequently use… I love you Winamp.
You too steph.


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One Response to “Journey to The North? (Pun intended)”

  1. TC Says:

    dont post, plse.
    How intense was it??
    MG, I remember..
    so hard to seperate.
    our(?) lips they seemed stuck & the chill, like nothing on earth.. it was you??!! I remember what you said, & the
    .., it was agony, too painful to part..
    r u serious bout this?..(fck)

    either it WAS u, or you’re very very good, I’ll give u that.

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