Notice: To Whom It May Concern


Yeah as if he would read this lol. Send me the website when you’re done, I’ll debug as usual. Lol.

I’ll go into programming mode / trance. It might take a shattered_dreamer, an earthquake, or my dear Stephanie to wake me up.

Mr Chew, I don’t understand your assignment question T_T

Great, WPS presentation postponed to tomorrow. Have to go to lab aihhhh if not can sleep whole dayyyyy =P

Gonna clear my MS Pro as for what’s worth I’m left with 500kb+-. Sigh.

Yes, you dear remind me of back then when (what you call in cantonese) “tong san fong for” for scholarships and apparently ‘everything got flamed lol’.

Star, 8TV, KBU, and Nanyang. Walao. (I am very very very very very very very (I can say this till midnight) very lucky =P)

*Yanwz* Where’s kwang… Lol.


“Walk a mine in someone’s shoe and you will understand him”.

Will you walk with me?


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