I’m bored =(


Am boiling porridge, later do work.

1.Where is your dog right now?
– i have no dog.. (echo)

2. Last time you went swimming?
– erm few years ago.. XD (unfortunately I don’t know how to swim X_X)

3. Name three things you did yesterday?
– online, eat, shop! (Rest, eat porridge, have fun)

4 . Last person you texted?
– ernest (Jhen)

6. How do you feel right now?
– hmm not happy nor sad.. 😛 (*mellows*)

7. What is more important, trust or
– er communication! (Trust… after that incident)

8. What are you listening to?
– the printer sound xD (Rossa – Pudar)

9. What color are your eyes?
– black (Like I’m angmoh lolz)

10. Have you ever done a chinese fire
– lol no (If you say Boys Brigade counted, then yes.)

11. Does the person you love know you
love him/her?
– erm yup (Very subjective =\)

12. Do you have a chair in your room?
– yea… (Yes)

13. What are you doing tomorrow?
– dentist appointment!! argh (Boiling porridge)

14. Who’s your favorite band?
– linkinpark, click 5, faber drive..
mcr.. etc..

(Lucky Star!, Linkin Park, M2M, err not much tho’ *mellows*)

15. Do you have good friends?
– yeap (well, considering the fact that it’s hard to define, yes lah)

16. Do you know someone named Betsy?
– no.. (Betsy… don’t think so)

17. What color is your mom’s hair?
– black (Echo)

19. Do you remember singing any songs
when you were a kid?
– kinda forgot (Old macdonald have a farm, eeee yah eee yah ooo [p/s — Sunshine Club XD])

20. Are you married?
– no (If I am, I’m screwed)

21. When was the last time you talked
to one of your siblings?
– jz now lor (Don’t even have the chance)

22. Do you play an instrument?
– yea (How about virtual instruments? XD)

23. Do you like fire?
– lol no.. it depends.. (Somehow)

24. Are you allergic to anything?
– dirty minded people.. wahahahhaa (Sulfur. And not dirty minded people)

27. Have you ever been to a salon?
– yaaaaaaaa (Yes… that time… RM25! Omigosh)

28. What are you thinking about right
– i want a laptop.. (Lilgirl msged me…)

29. How long have you had your current
– few years ^^ (Around there lah)

30. Do you miss someone?
– i dont think so…. 😛 (Hmm. God knows)

31. Do you think they miss you too?
– yeah!!! hahah (x_x)

32. Have you ever seen your school
-yeap….. not bcuz i did not behave ok.. 😛 (I have yet to see the counsellor in UNiM, maybe I should lol)

33. Have you ever wanted to be a
– no way! (Yes… oh it will be fun lol)

34. How do you overcome unhappiness?
– go youtube and find some funny videos.. (err… blog and sleep or maybe dota or whatever to make me busy)

35. What’s your favorite color?
– white, pink, blue FTW! (White, Black, Blue, Orange)

37. Ever been stuck in an elevator?
– lol lucky me, no (somehow because we jumped in the lift)

38. What does your mom call you?
– ying (Alex)

39. Do you like to write?
– kinda (Of course, typing better tho)

40. What does your hair look like right
– messy i guess.. haha (That’s what you call jungle)

41. Has anyone told you that they
like you more than a friend??!!
– umm no….? 😛 (Secondary maybe?)


1.Who took your primary pic?
-who took?! my mom lar! (Parents)

2. Exactly what are you wearing right
– nekked (<- Yea rite. Clothes?)

3. What is your current problem?
– hmm dunno what to say during the
petronas interview..T_T

(Boiling porridge *runs to kitchen*)

4. What makes you most happy?
– money! lol (Err… love of my life and parents?)

5. What’s the name of the song your
listening to?
– with you (Can I cheat? =P Dj Tiesto – Ayla)

Chapter 1: ABOUT YOU

1. NiCKNAME/s?
– leng lui (*cough cough* lilboy)

2. Eye color?
– black.. how many times you want me to
answer this? (echo X 99999)

3. Hair color?
– black (echo X 9999)

Chapter 2: FAMILY

1. Do you live with your parent(s)?
of course (no longer)

2. Do you get along with your parent
i think so (kinda)

3. Are your parents cool?
LOL.. sometimes (Yea sometimes)

4. Do you have any Siblings?
– yah (nope)

Chapter 3: FAVORITE

1. Ice Cream?
. choc and strawberry and vanilla (anything with chocolate and vanilla)

2. Season?
– errrr……..spring!!! (Spring and summer [my summer holidays!!!!!])

3. Book?
– book? (art of deception)

4. male singers?
– ermmmm………………… (jay chow perhaps?)

5. Food?
– cakey~ (a lot, anything edible)

6. Drink(s)-alcoholic?
– ermmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. (After that incident, like hell)

7. Pen color?
– black.. blue (blue all the way)

8. Store?
– ? (Haagen daaz *dreaming* The store or Jusco ler)

9. Person?
– frenz (I know who, god knows who. For me to know, for you to find out)

– pink white blue (Didn’t I say it before?)

Chapter 4: DO YOU

1. Write on your hand:
– no (yes, quite often last time)
2. Call people back?
– ya (my not?)

3. believe in love?
– sometimes lar.. 😛 (used to not to)

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
– yup (every angle in fact)

Chapter 5: HAVE YOU

1. kissed someone in the past 48
no… (too bad… nope)

2. If so…where?
– no la! (err… hello?)

3. Had PHYSICAL therapy?
when i’m small dat time.. (Went to my mum’s working place)

4. Had an operation?
no…… (Mini one maybe)

5. Taken painkiller
ya (Oh yeah… god.)


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