Funny Chat


I was chatting with Kwang:

Me : Eh, how far is Seremban from Cheras?

Kwang : Err, let’s see…

Jeevan : Why? Your girlfriend coming here?

Me : o_O Huh? No, why?

Kwang : About 1:30 minutes? Given that there’s no traffic jam…

Me : Oh.. wait, Cheras is after Seremban or what?

Kwang : It’s before Kajang

Me : *sudden silence* I see. Crap my geographical location screwed up XD

Jeevan : Cheh I thought there’s something exciting.

Me : I never knew Cheras is before Kajang… I see I see.

Kwang : If there’s jam it might take… 2hours? *shrug* Seremban is very near to Semenyih, 20 minutes to reach if there’s no jam involved.

Me : Haha, yeah.

Kwang : But if got jam die lah. Good luck.


One Response to “Funny Chat”

  1. ghaith Says:

    hi, how are you?

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