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I just 1v1 with Shan (that mutherfucker upstairs) when the owner came to the house (11am) whilst me sleeping on the sofa. I was stoning and suddenly I heard a ever so familiar voice, so I drag myself up and move to the glass pane, it’s the female owner. Without further ado, I told her that, and she ask us to settle ourselves. She’s a good owner, so she say this kind of stuff we should be ‘mature’ enough to handle it, ok fine, there goes hope.
Then, I sat down and ask Shan to tell me face-to-face what’s wrong with us. Yada yada yada, then I get to know the reason. He simply just don’t trust us anymore. From the reasons given, I know I changed, he just don’t want to trust. My problem? Yes in this case because he’s kicking me out of the house, if you see it that way.

Reasons given are:
1. Hygiene – Whole house
2. Rubbish bin filled with maggots (that only happened once due to my mistake)
3. Hanging clothes on the dining table (well, do we STILL do it now?)
4. Misuse of the cushion all around the house
5. Break into the house (no keys)

I mean heck, cmon, just tell face to face lah what you don’t like about us, why the need to beat around the bush? You don’t like anything just say it lah. You tell, we change. If not, how are we gonna suppose to know? Yes we are mature enough, the thing is, we can’t read minds even though we are magicians. Stupid.

So we debated, and I manage to get myself partly clean, until he use the contract. Here’s the catch, if I did not went to NS, this will not happen, as definitely I fill find a way to put my name in the contract. Well, from the tone he speaks, you can see that he’s been given the authority to take care of the house. =\

Anyway, let’s not stray away from the topic.

Let’s start with reason number 5. Break into the house (no keys)
Well, I called you, and told you, a lot of times already, don’t lock the wooden door if we (me and Caleb) don’t have the keys. But nooo that time we all went back and the moment I tried going in, the wooden door is locked. How smart. I called everyone, and I DID NOT BREAK THE PANE ON THAT DAY, I followed you Shan your fucking advice to go to friend’s place and stay overnight. Okay? We break the glass pane together even though you send us the keys, hey, we have EXAMS on FRIDAY, that day was WEDNESDAY. How long you want us to wait? I told him everything about this, then he says nevermind forget it. WTF?

Reason number 4. Misuse of the cushion all around the house
Yea la this one I admit it’s out fault. But hey, who’s not taking care about the cleanliness of the floor? I mopped the damn floor that time (thanks to Cornelius), and I do take care of the house. Ask us to put back after we use, keep on emphasising we need to be mature and this and that. Oh pls, how often we use that place? And if we didn’t do so, just tell us lah. In fact, you never complain about it, normal instincts of human will deemed that it’s fine with you. Duh?

Reason number 3. Hanging clothes on the dining table (well, do we STILL do it now?)
Well, that’s what we always do, NOT UNTIL you bought a very expensive hanger outside the house. At least I know that we do use it besides raining days where putting out is inevitable.

Reason number 2. Rubbish bin filled with maggots (that only happened once due to my mistake)
Yes, my genting trip. Eh, you expect me to forget my clothes in the washing machine and throw the damn rubbish bin IF I CAME BACK TO MY HOUSE? The problem is, I did not EVEN come back that day and went straight for genting. Ok, maybe I did, but I was on a rush, cannot remember. I said sorry and did I ever repeat it again? It all comes back to the point where you don’t trust us. Heck, even he said that himself. Insecurity bastard.

Reason number 1. Hygiene – Whole house
Oh waaww, look who’s talking. You never even bother to take care of the lower ground fgs. Yeah I know, we got our rental cheap, yada yada yada, we should appreciate it, don’t take things for granted (yea I think that we really took it for granted lol — just because he never COMPLAIN TO US) this and that. Heck, he did mentioned that Caleb always nag him about the price. I know I did not. I asked him and he admit I did not. Heck?

He says that we did not close the lights often (I always try to do so, I swear my name to God on that), while the living room fan (this should be Caleb) is always on. =__=

Kwang, where’s your dog? I’ll take him for a walk and let him do whatever he wants to do on the number plate. *Whisltes*

Now, what to do? He threatens us using the contract, and he plan not to show the contract. Up to his will. He stated that clearly, end of the period, guys out of the house.

So, I ask him to FIND US a HOUSE, but I never knew Caleb told him not to. I need to double check with him on that. Just let him busy lah, do something for us, I “show that” I am “appreciate for what he’s doing” anyway just now.

Want to kick us out then let him trouble himself lor.

Meanwhile, I need to find a house. Kwang? Jon, don’t worry, I don’t download much. All I need is internet access for forums, MSN *lilgirl*, and I can ask Quek to download my Bleach, settle right? Lol.

Ah heck, eh, I do feel better now, at least, I mean my condition. Still got the pain on my chest, see after this dose of medication should I recover faster or not.

Man… People in this world… just like to play mind games. Get straight to the point lah damnit.

Any one know how to destroy a phoneline? I have another phoneline port downstairs.

Never got worked out so much before… It’s been a while. If only Caleb is here.


Oh yeah, I’ll miss this house, cheap rental, so close to the uni, free wifi (can crack la WEP =P), etc. Not the ppl.

Updates later.

P/S — Was playing dota with lilgirl last night until she dc. =__=

_ is really interesting. Very in fact. Tho I seem blur in some cases tho. =\ well not only me, him too.


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