The Long Awaited FAQ for Annual Dinner (UNiM)


*Thanks to Jeev for posting that notice in my blog. I feel better now after the porridge in Jusco Cheras Selatan =) … not to forget the amount of food I puked. Urgh.*


First of all, this post is censored / removed explicit content as there are minority viewers / random ppl will be viewing this… so, best to keep low profile.

First question
Did you enjoy Annual Dinner?
– Well, disregard the fact I went to the toilet each time after a meal is served, and also the stupidity of me mixing brandy and beer, yes it’s enjoyable. =)

Why did you attend this year’s Annual Dinner instead of last year?
– Premonition, that’s what I call. I knew it’s gonna suck, that’s why I didn’t go lol. In the end, it really turned out to be very sucky. This year Annual Dinner on the other hand is good compared to last year (quoted from Jeev and Kwang), and due to the fact that they are leaving soon, I might as well just follow them for the last time. Heh.

What happened to your stomach then? What’s with food poisioning?
– Like hell I know, but the thing is it’s been on for the whole week without me actually noticing it. It only started to trigger 3 days ago. Yesterday night (this morning) was the worst (mix brandy with beer summore la… <_<) I was forced to pay very frequent visits to the toilet during Annual Dinner, and Andy have to accompany me, in case I fainted in the toilet or whatever. Thank you Andy!

So, how was the Annual Dinner?
– The icebreaking was cool, Phat Phabes and another chinese dude from FlyFM came and become MC for the night (as usual), and this year Jason Lo came (err finally?). Got magic performance too… (and according to a lot of ppl he suck) [I beg to differ tho, why don’t you go up and perform to a crowd where there’s not even a decent applause]. Malaysians…. and foreigners. Lol.
Er, in my table I’m sitting, there’s only 2 nigerians. Still ok la… The thing is we taught them how to use chopsticks… Lol. Eventually they gave up hope and use the fork. Haha, we all know it’s not easy at first. =P
The 3 shutterbugs (Kwang, Kylie (or how you spell it), Dylan) always walkaround. Jon and the other chinese guy also MIA from the table quite often. So we’re left with me and Andy, plus the two Nigerians. Heck, all of us up to one point are not at our seats… which makes my table virtually inhabitant. Lol.

Food’s ok. 10-course meal. I never knew the power of make-up is that powderful. Suddenly you can see ‘beautiful girls’ spawned out from mid air. Wow.

Quite a number of ppl have their own dates, and not to mention SPG (sarong party girls) will always stick to foreigners… ah well.

I let it all out that night (disregard my sickness and tried to enjoy myself) and I did. I did take quite a lot of photos (considering the fact that I won’t even initiate it last time), and now retrieving the photos is a tough task. XD

What do you think about One World Hotel?
– Situated in Bandar Utama, right beside Sri Pentas, you think? Lol.

So, how was your first experience to Annual Dinner?
– Good good. I polished my shoe till it blinks. Lol. Almost forgot my blazer >___> Thank god Kwang’s driving. Like hell you want to take the bus.

So, overall, it’s quite enjoyable.
Now, next agenda. Clubbing.

So, we went to Bukit Bintang at around 1am (by the time we reach there lah), and the first time me going into clubs too. =P Ah yeah, before I forget, remember the Star once mentioned that a guy rented a billabord near Bandar Utama to propose to his girlfriend? I went pass the place last night, and I told Kwang, “Eh see there” and he’s like “Ohh..”

Been there, seen that. =D

So, the age limit to enter is 23, for certain ones. Which rules out me, Jon, Dylan. We have to end up in Sunshine Club, where the limit is 18. So I entered… (ah yea I still owe Kwang RM30 entrance fee =\), and got my brandy (thought of killing the bacteria in my stomach, but I killed my stomach instead >w<). Me, first destination, toilet. =___=

Then come out, got my drink, finished it, and then Kwang got me a beer. (And here’s the part where I suicide X_X). Agnes was there too (KK’s friend, that bitch). But she dance quite well. Ah well. God knows how many times she got banged by guys. *rolleyes*

Kwang, Jon and I left early (need to send jon back to Bangsar)… so we left at around 3 something…. and ended up being stopped by police. Roadblock, and Kwang have to blow the damn thing… alcohol level detector. That’s one hell of a funny traffic-police there. “Oh, tak ada sukan, ada itu saja la” (fapping action) then the whole car laughed.

After we passed the test, went to Bangsar, dropped Jon back (apparently my stomach is feeling particularly well that time =__=) and Kwang drove me back home at around 4 something in the morning.

*Did not include details*

So I wake up with a headache, around 8 something, to find that I cannot breathe. Was gasping for air. Agh. Shit happens… it’s due to the mix between brandy and beer. X_X

So I tortured myself for the whole day, I went to the clinic again for second dose. Just right after stepping out from the clinic before sitting in Kwang’s car, I puked. !@#$^&*

Went back, forced myself to sleep, after taking medicine. Dad called, then I sleep again. When I wake up around 5, and drank the salt provided by the clinic, I feel ‘reverse-osmosis’ happening in my throat. I can feel the water is coming out, so I quickly walk to the sink… and guess what happened… I burst out with water. *That hurts btw*.

There goes my lunch(porridge).

So went for dinner (quite sober as still sick), went to Jusco Cheras Selatan, mum called and ask for my condition… I said I’ll be fine I hope… and she asked me not to sleep so late. I never tell her I went clubbing tho =\ later lah.

Yes I told her this “I don’t want to die so fast”. Lol.

Anyway, went Jusco Cheras Selatan, after that porridge, felt better now once I came back. In the car asked Jeevan and Kwang something regarding relationships. Interesting feedback.

There’s no one dumber nor wiser in this conversation.

Guess I’ll take a good rest tonight. Will do the website tomorrow morning.

Bleach 166 is good shit in the end. I was like WTF tho. As usual. Ichigo, you did it again =__=

Lilgirl got her P license ady… happy lah lol.

Ah yeah, met Jiahui… and both of us rarely talked (she is in the same group for WPS). Anyway, she break the ice by asking me to take a photo with her, and so I did. The next round when I bump into her in the hall I asked her about his and that, and her current condition (her father just passed away and she still have Final Year Project to do). Walao. Swt.

Now, let me check the photos I got from andy…

Andy failed in camwhoring. Lol.

Me and Hui Joo (Coursemate)

Me and JiaHui

Lol we are stoned… me and Willy.

Me and Emmanual (Coursemate)

Me and JC

Me and Julian

Me and Ricardo =D

Me and Andy haha

Last but not least, me and David Weeeeeeeeeeee lol

and I still haven’t got some photos from others. Hmm.

I enjoyed myself that night. You can see that I don’t feel well from teh photos. Ah well.

*changed imeem song ady hmm



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