Christian vs Non-Christian Belief (Tuckie)


Taken from tuckie’s thread, posted by empire23 (quality post)

Yeah, really don’t get it. When my grandparents died, my mom just said do what you feel you’re comfortable with, and heck i don’t believe it’s on contradiction with what i believe. Ok, there are somethings you can’t directly do, but what’s sprinkling some seeds around the grave and crap like that? I don’t use the incense sticks and “bai”, but i did bow and generally follow what i felt i was ok with. There is no idolatory in a general funeral procession, you’re just paying your respects. Last if not least, i don’t need no freaking pastor or imam or whatever to tell me right from wrong, i can listen to their views but choice is with me, some here in austolia think eating non halal beef is no good, i respect that, but i draw my views from other hadith, and they respect me in return. You wanna have random sex, drink and shit like that? Fine, as long as you aren’t promoting it and keep it reasonably discreet, even the more pious bunch of muslim folks won’t do more than advise you. My mom did warn me once that marrying outside religion/belief/principles is going to be trouble. But the choice was mine. You realize at the end of the day that when you sit down and think of it, one side must always bend or break their beliefs. People are just mentally wired differently, i’m just a pretty much faithless person that believes in God and religion (irony), and i tend to believe very much in just moving forward and not hobbling myself emotionally. Bottom line : Christian + Non Christian = Will not work. Different beliefs, mentalities, practices. If you ask me, anyone who gets high from chanting and singing about God must have a few screws loose up there. God is for worship, not for entertainment and “happy” stuff, not to mention all that rubbish like speaking in tongues and singing crap. So much so alot of Christian buddies mine treat their church like some centre of fun where you mainly go to socialize, see chicks and become huge hypocrites. And that’s my major niggle with most protestants and charismatics. The next missionary that comes at my door will get a bucket of piss flying their way. But the great part is that the more anti Jesus you are, the hotter the women they send, although i’m pretty sure that Jesus doesn’t approve of busty young women in revealing outfits. Haih, i bet no one sent out any muslim preachers into people’s houses in Malaysia.

I lol-ed at the last statement. “I’m pretty sure that Jesus doesn’t approve of busty young women in revealing outfits” lol. Another worth pondering quote (unknown warrior)

The word “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers” and even King James ” BE YE NOT” is already a law not to get emotionally involved with unbelievers. The key word is not “you may or not” but a direct “DO NOT” or “BE YE NOT”. lol. That is pretty strong stuff, and God means what He says. If you are involved in a relationship with an unbeliever, and are not married, it means you have to very seriously think about ending the relationship. It’s sounds very cold and cruel but you should know God knows better. God’s Word is the final authority. Nope I’ve never come to know anyone in Church Authority my pastor asking us to compromise with this regard. It is very clear. The only reason why people come to say God can worked on the unequally yoked partner is because the other partner refuse to follow this. Nothing more. YES I know there are a lot of Christians who goes against this but it’s really up to them. Ultimately they’re not really following what the bible ask them to. I’m not pulling a holier than thou statement them but just pointing out the fact it’s very common to see this.

You know what’s the irony part of the replies? They are not in Bvrs vs NBvrs under RWI subforum, it’s in CC in tuckie’s thread. Lol. … and yes the quote I agree to last night. (unknown warrior again lol)

Thats why I stand by my POV that kids nowadays jump into a relationship without thinking about the longer term. Everything matters from religion till the parents. You ppl have no clue to what it means to be in a relationship. Sigh.

Funky reply from happy4ever (really swt)

It’s a “known” fact that Christian girls are much prettier and boobier than Buddhist girls. Eat that!tongue.gif

I find it quite true tho. Last but not least, this should be what Buddhist followers preach in life (happy4ever) <- I know it seems irony lol

Real buddhist doesn’t even care if you live or die, for doing anything would equate to attachment. Living or dying is an inevitable process in the cycle of samsara governed by one’s karma. Inevitable and futile. Just do good.

Pandang pandang-lah, fikir fikir-kan lah. (Learned this from NS) what’s wrong in using bm in chat anyway?

Recovered 70% (or so). Hopefully I’m fit for 10-course meal for annual dinner tonight. Haha.

“Loose your mind…” dear

Shattered-dreamer, eXPeri3nc3.


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