BoA — Sweet Impact *


Now playing — BoA – Sweet Impact.

I’m letting it all out today. =D
Steph treats you
Hopefully this, my first annual dinner, is gonna be good. I did not go last year, so this is an all for one.
as a friend only
Just took my medicine, and hopefully it’ll subdue the effect of food poisoning. =) If not I’ll have to pay several or more visits to the toilet in a very short interval. Errk. >w<
It just won’t happen
Kwang’s driving there, and I have to leave the class early (due to the fact that LDP is gonna jam around 5 something, he is not taking the risk). What to do…
between the two of you
Finished ISE Assignment (the one Michael ask me to do last night, oh I was sick), Java Homework (Not assignment tho *mellows*), and whatelse… nope, that’s about it. Downloaded Bleach but still haven’t watch, maybe now… and lilgirl went offline. Sigh.
so forget her and move on…
x x pwnd. Aaaaaah class. Gees.

End it with a smile =),

Sometimes you just can’t explain how falling for other people works.


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