It’s 2:18 AM 4/11/2008 now. Using notepad++ to type.

Just woke up to see that message not delivered. Expected.

Hopefully I can get well by tomorrow.


Well, should I listen to people’s advice or just let it be? It’s moving towards a better stage, as it is it used to be worse. Foundation time ‘kaolat’ weh… everyday. Now once in a while, a blue moon, unless someone triggered the flag (which is currently in my case yes).

I’m just being myself.


Downloading Bleach…


Guess unknown warrior is correct. We just do not know how to think.

“A story yet to be untold, a journey yet to be unfold”.

The way I see things is totally different from what normal lads perceive. That I can guarantee you. Guess I’m really a thinker huh.

Guess Mr Daniel Su is correct… there’s no two persons that are made for each other. If there is, I bet tuckie, and a lot of other people won’t be in a state of denial and blame for what’s worth.

Don’t try to guess what this means. You have been warned.

“The more thou deny, the more apparent that thou are one. Does it even matter?”

And yes bleach is finishing in 5mins+-

I shall reconsider what Yy said. Man, he’s good. Lol.

BTW I need rice… if not I’ll go catabollic and start to eat my tissues… =(

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” — Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) [Where’s the door?]

Yes, my mum just reminded me something regarding astrology… I forgot it’s still April… no wonder the bell curve is going down to the drain. I mean, how often can that happen.

I just realised how many chances HE gave to me. Some are misleading, but hey, I did learn a lot. HE ask me to become a better person in life, and everything will turn out okay. I believe in Him, but the thing is, the road is not straight for ones who choose to devote faith along the path. At least I know when I do, HE knows. I hope that HE will make me abstain from all of the temptations in the world.


He for one that dreams were never as one, to begin with.

Lily_jie once said “tO hAnDlE yOuRsElf uSe YoUr HeaD, tO haNdLe oTherS uSe YoUr HearT”

Maybe I shall turn back to trance… back to my usual attitude.

2:42 AM 4/11/2008 (“It’s just me, with my rhymes”).

*edit — we tend to run away from the problem instead of standing still and face it. Why?
Are you a solution to the problem, or the problem to the solution? — eXP


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