This Is What You Call Fucked Up


I got mild food poisoning.

Status — Quarter alive.

Method of attack — Spasm on abdomen, stomach, shoulder and neck. Burning sensation on the shoulders and neck. Bad stomach condition, and passing out liquid.

Since — 4~5 days ago (not mild) / 2 days ago (mild)

Time of attack — After I finish sms-ing cute lil girl when she went to bed, spasm on the shoulder and neck, feeling catabollic, stomach not feeling well, feeling to vomit and faint.

Catalyst — Bad food, late night sleep, dehydrated

What makes everything worse — Tomorrow’s Annual Dinner. WTF.

I’ll be zombified for the rest of the day.

*Don’t be surprised if I’m not online for the whole day FOR THE FIRST TIME*

*edit at 12:59PM — Results from quiz are not promising. zzz*

*edit 1:35PM — Man, I’m gonna say that my parents gonna strike lottery first prize and call me. Lol.*



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One Response to “This Is What You Call Fucked Up”

  1. misschopalot Says:

    omg so obviously you are NOT ok! hmm i think with the help of water, rest, medicine, you’ll recover before the annual dinner =)

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