Defamation Case of University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus


Message was originally sent by Prof. Ian Pashby and forwarded to all students by Roselin Ong.

Dear All
Some of you will be aware that the Nottingham University Malaysia Campus entry on web based information systems has been seriously vandalised. The content has been modified to be defamatory to both groups of the University Community and to individuals; students and staff. Activity of this sort will not be tolerated by the University and when the people responsible are identified they will be subject to either the full force of the University’s disciplinary procedures and/or the laws relating to defamation and libel.

I would like to reassure those who think that we will not be able to idenmtify the culprits if they have used external IP sources to access the sites. We will. We have the technology, the contacts and the authority to do so.

Activities such as this bring shame on the whole University community, it damages our reputation and hence the standing of every student that graduates from here. I sincerely hope that the people responsible are in no way connected with this University and that students and staff alike will want to distance themselves from the disgusting content that has been associated with UNMC.

Ian Pashby

Deputy Vice President and Director of Studies Mechanical Engineering University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Jalan Broga 43500 Semenyih Selangor MALAYSIA Tel. (603) 8924 8167 Fax. (603) 8924 8299

I don’t know where did that came from, but all I know is, whoever who did that deserves to burn in hell with their testicles eaten by rats as big as cats whilst their scrotum being pulled and hung upside down.

Disgrace to UNMC (if they are students of our campus).

BTW, I like the line “We have the technology” — Cool shit.

Gonna start java now… the homework, then coursework maybe?
Lazy blog. =P

Recovering from mild food poisoning.



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One Response to “Defamation Case of University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus”

  1. phreek Says:

    what exactly happened that caused all this defamation, shame, rats the size of cats playing with furballs. being at notts and absolute clueless. any idea. awesome to hear we’ve got some hacker in town. peace out. i heart nottingham my arse

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