Special thanks to Caleb for his panadol…

also to natakaasd for his warm water bottle concept…

last but not least steph that accompanied me the whole night. =)

Sometimes… what one might write can really be interpreted so wrongly lol.

Not to forget what one might write can also be very meaningful but doesn’t seem that way. (You just can’t see it).
And yea… hopefully my stomach gets better. I got work to do.

Tuckie… Aih. Same gang.

I hope I can just go for IDK,IDC.

Don’t feel like typing more. The longer it goes… the more I change.

Premonition — Attitude change in the following days. If you see me talking to myself, gazing at the top part of the ceiling, or just don’t talk for the whole day… be advised. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.

*edit — My dad is correct. I AM TAXING MY LIFE AWAY. WAKE UP EXPERI3NC3, WAKE UP!





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