Hmm… should I? =3


Been pondering for a while. If it’s too obvious, too many ppl will know skeletons in my closet. Else, nobody will be able to decipher. Aih. WordPress, if only there’s something like blogspot, login email only can view. Muahahahha.

Eh wait I can actually password my damn blog… what for?

*edit for spoiler*

I can’t imagine I woke up earlier and online in MSN while lilgirl still sleepin in her pyjamas =P

Feel like writing something here today… now. As it’s suddenly raining… =__= great.

Let me share a story here. Allow me to introduce you my experience.

See if I can practice what I’d learned in MPH that day.

Once, I was a total hopeless child during my primary school. If you ask me what’s a computer… I’ll probably go, what’s that? Then the day that changed everything came. I went to the comp lab, as usual, as that time it’s quite frequent for us to access the lab. 3 1/2 floppy diskette ftw!~ XD Then, the buggers in class was playing with the screensaver settings and put my nick there. So I was so damn pissed… nvm. Tahan. Nothing is more insulting than “You will never know how to use a computer”. Plus sentences that comes along those lines… which you would probably guessed it out.

Hence, when I proceed to Form 1, I’m so keen to join the computer club. The first moment I step in there… I went like “wow”. I see rows of ‘old’ computers (they are old), and ppl in there (duh). So I went to a pc… and did the first step. Ask someone how to switch on the computer. XD Yea it might sound funny, but hey, I don’t have one, so you don’t really expect me to know what’s a power button. Then slowly from there I pick up my skills. Bits from here and there, hands on on something, hardware maybe, screw here screw there and eventually I learned a lot there.

The teachers was “quite” helpful, not Mr Malek tho, he sucks. All he know what to think about is money, money, and profit. Heck, he even charge us to teach us basic HTML. WTF. Yea and we aren’t educated to use Google to find tutorials that time. Heck, we don’t even know the powers of a search engine. Meh.

Then I went and explore further on myself. Bookstores, I’ll be sitting there reading computer books only. If only I studied for others lolz. Ask ppl, join forums (LYN!), read read read try try try play here and there… then I manage to improve by leaps and bounds.

I wouldn’t me myself know if I were to give up during Standard 6.

Heck, I can tell you the rest know jack about computers. They keep asking me questions on how to fix their comp, troubleshooting, this and that since Form 3 onwards. It was quite a shocker to me, but hey, that’s what I always wanted. I want those suckers to bow down and lick my foot (crudely put why not?)

Then again… there’s always ppl better than me… and when I went to university level, indeed. I learned even more. Interesting ppl indeed. (Hint — Coursemate *getbyte*)

Been through quite a lot, time and patience to achieve the knowledge I hold today. It’s not easy. Yet, I still have LOTS more to learn.

Likewise what Sempiurna said, if I cannot learn any new things, I would rather die.

So think about it, fight for what you think that it’s correct.

I just hope that I will be able to strive through for my future.

Was reading a thread joey-kun gave me, regarding CandleJack. That dude kena muted, all accs. All of his posts got deleted from HnF. Serious business.

And yes I wake up earlier than you =3

I learned the art of taking handphone numbers since form 4. It’s quite useful. The best thing is, I learn the real way to do it during JPA Scholarship interview. I was like…. err WOW *drops jaw to the floor*

Then again, I did ask quite a few girls for their handphone numbers. NOT when you show signs of interest, it should be fine.

Some of the girls I know, either they are married, have babies, or studying. Man. What happened to this world.

Yeah la I know sex is enjoyable but shit happens… or maybe they just don’t know that there’s such thing in this world called ‘condom’. =__=|||

*Ah* my waist. Damn.

Let’s see my to-do list

ISE Assignment (the javadoc)
WPS (Website)
WPS (Lab report)
UST (some bash scripting)
Java (Assignment)

Revision for exam


Relax. Lol =3 (I shall properly define this — foruming!)

See a doctor. (damnit)

Find a damn house! Someone got the house! WTF. Oh noes. =(

*cough cough*

Now Playing — BoA – My Way, Your Way feat WISE

I played around with Cornelius’s Asus EEE PC. So TINY. Cute weh. Haha. We even tried to watch movie using it… blardy nice. *drool*

Heck I can buy four units of those using my laptop’s price. XD

*edit — I wan to watch Prison Break! T_T*

… and here’s a candid shot of Jeev hugging Caleb. Yea I always get crushed when he do that.

*eXPeri3nc3 feels something is behind those lines… Hmm. Ayashi des~*

Sometimes it depends on how you want to look / see the meaning of something. If you take it theoretically / as a metaphor / connotation / figurative of speech then it shows this meaning. Yet, if you look from another perspective which is literally then the meaning is totally different altogether 😉


*Just noticed the closing style for wordpress changed. I mean for tag closing. Hmm*


Niew rg’n qiesa


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