and all I did was…?


yea, I thought Enig on Javascript (troubleshooted and modified his code a bit). It worked. Man, I should have learned java earlier, never knew it would be easier if you convert the knowledge back to javascript.

Heck Digital Media I could have scored better marks for that… I know I screwed up on the javascript part. Fux. T_T

But anyway, just when I thought my current state was worse… Enig came to tell me “Dude, you fail in life. You can’t get a girlfriend, and you did not do anything for the night.” So I went… lol. xD

The thing is, it’s really an eye opener for me… Googling returns me the result I wanted to find (not really, indirectly), then I click here click there and that’s the stuff I wanted.

That’s what you call data-mining. =P

Interesting… just when I thought I’m in deep shit.

It’s a motivation for me to be strong now. I just manage to see the light this evening whilst walking back from Michael’s place. I’d been stoning for the whole day.

You know what, try looking at the clouds, from one place, walk again, and look again. After a while look back to the sky and you’ll be surprised how beautiful clouds are. And yes Jeevan it’s not Sola the Anime. XD

I manage to understand and become less emo now.

Pls be strong eXPeri3nc3 I will always be with you.


I have to re-edit. It doesn’t take triangle brackets.


BoA Smile Again

SMILE AGAIN ookina koe dashite
Kokoro no futaokoroshite
Kumo ni no oto ni you
Soshite TRY AGAIN mamotte ai shiao subete wo
Sukoshizutsu demo ii aseranai chigau wa mada aru kara


Kimi no koto mamoru kara

Shattered-Dreamer eXP.



One Response to “and all I did was…?”

  1. misschopalot Says:

    haha i saw the non edit version.. so its too late 😛
    get well soon a u

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