Sunday in Bangsar


Due to the late night activity in front of the comp, this morning while I woke up I was damn blur. Anyway, went to have breakfast, and ABC near YMCA Building… Got photos too. *uploads the photo to comp*

After that, went to Midvalley. The toilets there don’t have tissue paper in cubicles wtf.

Walked around, that singaporean guy went for a movie and that #$%^&*(-ing smartass went to the KTM station without telling us beforehand… which made me and KYen almost missed the train (not much difference anyway as it’s so damn packed!). That one later.

So me and KungYen went up to the petshop… Quite a number of cute stuffs there. Parrots, fishes, unique ones, cats, spiders, etc. Instant grin from the left of my ear to my right. Walked down, went into World of Feng Shui. I can still remember the ‘arowana’ I bought for my dad. No longer on sale. Went to look at the horoscope thingy there… Quite accurate. But the thing is, you need to buy this buy that la, I say screw it.

Interesting figurines there la. Pricey too.

Walked down, look for MPH, and stoned there. Not for long until I notice a guy is actually giving a speech within a crowd. Singaporean, promoting his book of FAQ for public speaking. He’s a good speaker btw, he knows how to control the crowd, answer questions, ask questions, tell stories. I sat there for like 1 hour plus, and recorded it too. During his conversation that I recorded he DID explain about Murphy’s Law LOL quite a few times, and yet there are some other interesting and worth-while points to take note. I’m not sure if I can hear it clearly on the phone, but real life I’m too tired, so I don’t even know how much I absorbed.

But it’s serious business, public speakers exchanged their name cards, chatting, etc. I got a few photos of that.

Then I walked around MPH, for the first time in my life I actually glanced through the sections and I never read books under Computers. =__= I saw a very interesting book. Not telling the title, and I read the contents. I managed to understand something la. (Don’t worry nothing obscene or explicit)

So went to KTM station, packed. Miss the first turn, second turn got lucky and manage to squeeze in. Was thoroughly drenched in perspiration. Geez. Called Kwang (and he so happens to be in Kajang) using KYen’s phone, mine no credit remember? So he fetched me back.

Was raining in Kajang. Went back Semenyih it’s dry. =__= Isolated rain. Lol.

Went for dinner in Jusco Cheras Selatan. Oh wait.

I was stoning and told KungYen this: (not 100% accurate, what you expect me to remember word by word?)

Me: Eh actually there’s quite a number of cute girls in the Gardens and MidValley huh?
KY: Err, issit?
Me: Then?
KY: The girl that joined us for symphony cuter lah. (Michael’s gf’s friend. Chindian girl, forgot her name)
Me: Oh that one. Ok la, why you like her issit.
KY: No, but I’m just expressing my admiration to her. Like this I got no time la if I every girl also I like.
Me: *Stun 1 sec* then admiration = like also la. You like her.
KY: Admiration lor *he turns away*

Lol. The moment he says it it’s so catchy and funny. XD

Anyway, ate tepanyaki in Jusco Cheras Selatan. Walked around, stoned. Kwang showed me the shirt section… I almost pokai ady so never bought anything… never really did groceries too as I still have meat in the fridge (which I need to finish it VERY SOON). The worst thing is, Kwang lost his parking ticket. So we ran all around in the end claimed a ticket from the receptionist counter. (Shit happens, and somehow he manage to get the ticket for free…) and we left the place. Was about to take the last photo but the car somehow make the picture very distorted so I cursed. Jeevan was like, “Oi no need la take lala-girl’s picture” So I went like, DUDE I WAS taking the Jusco logo. How the hell you link that to lalas?

So he cont on saying that I like lala-girls and so on. Bleh.

Went back, saw Caleb, so took him to the ‘chosen’ house, but unfortunately the owner took off the advert so I’m not sure which one is which XD

Ended up walk back, took a bath, and blogged.

Now playing — He says he’s so in love, he’s finally got it right, I wonder if he knows he’s all I think about at night~


The ABC store I tried… famous and tasty one.

A night in KLCC

One line of parrots in petsland in MidValley

The Singaporean speakers (Autograph session, etc)

The book they have been promoting

Candid Shot on a photographer

The suikao the chef missed throwing towards customer XD

Cooking in action… (Meat delicious)

The dish I ordered (RM8.90) Chicken Teppanyaki

Last but not least invasion! =3

and me!


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