For once…


I actually became good friends with the toilet.

I like my phone so much that it reads my mind so well. I just access something and THAT song plays. I wasn’t really expecting that (because I just recovered from my stoning-ness today).

I actually went like.. *jaw hanging half way for 3 secs* then said *nvm….*

Anyway, today’s sleepy man. Still got a lot of work to do. Later maybe I need to replay the whole conversation again for blogging and the public speaker conversation. Need to get some inspiration by then.

I just noticed something, I see the light finally.

No wonder I like Utada Hikaru — Simple and Clean

Simple and clean is the way that you’re making me feel tonight
It’s hard to let it go

But then now it’s Lucky Star!! Motekke Sailorfuku desu~

I’d lost my identity. I want my identity back! *not the identity part II I play in o2jam / o2mania*

But I do miss that game very much… Maybe I should play it later for fun lol.

I plan to tell stories… but the thing is, if I start, it’s gonna end after 3 hours XD so better not.

A man’s miserable experience will be another man’s enlightenment.

I’m sorry Yy and tuckieeeeeeeeeeeeee for ranting long enough. =P My first time, sorry la ok? Next time I belanja minum. Haha.

Never thought of tuckie’s voice being so soft. Hmm. As in not soft, gentle. That’s more like it.

Was on the way to Broga and Cornelius manage to cheer me up by talking cock, then I started rolling lol. Details later after I hear what I’d recorded again XD

BTW, Mr Daniel Su (lecturer) is correct, we should learn how to handle humans, not machine.

But I still prefer my old concept and identity… as that will prevent me to get hurt again.

*Psst (edit) — Tame (Don’t), Yamateh (No), Itai (Ouch), Ahhh (self explanatory), Kimochi (It feels good)*


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2 Responses to “For once…”

  1. misschopalot Says:

    EH COME LETS PLAY O2JAM! i’m serious! if you wanna play tell me.. i go dl..
    i oso kinda miss that game.. but i noob lar.. šŸ˜›

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Too bad I don’t have o2jam here anymore T__T

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