Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra – A Sea Symphony


Went there. Quite nice. Kungyen fall asleep dunno for how long, I almost dosed off too. But all in all it’s good experience. Good stuff.

The funny thing is the people want an encore so badly that the whole hall clapped for 5 mins plus while the lead singers and the one that leads the orchestra need to come in and out 5 times until the clapping abated. Hmm. My first time seeing that.

Later on, photography session for Michael and his gf. Usual la. Then 1 group photo. Before this tried to take a photo with Brian but he’s awkward and he thinks that I’m gay. =__= Well I know I’m happy… But I; for god sake; do not swing that way!

At night went Bangsar and stayed in Michael’s house for a night… Been hijacking his laggy comp and used msn until 4am.

Happy Birthday Tuckie… If you happen to see this… you lucky bastard. =P I called him at 12:01AM, but orang punya anata called him so I’m actually disturbing him in a way… sorry lor.

Ah yeah, sorry for not replying your SMS today, was in a very packed KTM, and no credit after calling you…
What is the present? =P

What’s your linky then?


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