Upcoming Agenda(s) *Updated*


I’m kinda shocked… and regret…

Java Lab Exam (Open Book) [The thing is the source provided is enough to make you go round and round and round]
MPO (Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra) – A Sea Symphony – [Saturday night, how are we supposed to go there again?]
UNiM Annual Dinner (Yes… first time. Shoes unpolished, blazer to be ironed, etc)
Final Exam (in a months time)
Projects (Java, ISE, WPS, UST)

…that I’d spent so much time on dota-ing with my coursemates for the past 3 weeks. Damn. Lol lol.

Can lah can lah… you know why? I create miracles.

*Updates — My fucking housemate just kicked me and Caleb out of the house. We’re in deep shit. Anyone that knows where to have empty rooms around TTS 5 or where else please notify me via PM or comment here pls and leave contact num. (Location — University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, Semenyih)

Please reply ASAP. Thanks to all that’s concerned.



2 Responses to “Upcoming Agenda(s) *Updated*”

  1. fynnie Says:

    y u kena keep out? poor thing

  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Hey! You still know my blog. Not bad. XD

    Anyway, it’s due to the stupidity of some caretakers of the house that doesn’t like me and my housemate, so he kicked both of us out.

    I’m screwed =(

    You’re still staying in campus? No rite?

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