Life Is Interesting… To A Certain Vertex *Edited*


Yeap, life is sure interesting.

In G51FUN Lab today (no class), so I did my Java Assignment… and I somehow manage to finish question 2 and commented everything nicely. Asked Mr Chew about the problem I faced and he asked me to send him the whole code. Will play around with it first then send it to him.

Me and Cornelius ate in teh Admin Building, which is so damn farking expensive and useless food. Anyway it was raining and he refuses to drive his Mercedes A class to Broga because scared it’s gonna be late when we come back… so last resort. After our meal there, headed to class, and did objective questions… Went @_@ due to the amount of questions.

The stoning and ‘wonderful’ part is, I manage to concentrate for the first half of the class until my thoughts wandered somewhere and things started to be a bit out of control… but in the end I manage to come back to reality. Heh =P

Apparently suddenly Cornelius said this in class… “Longcat is Loooooooong”. I lol-ed and I continue saying it too. Lol.

Then he played with Hui Joo’s umbrella (knowing his attitude and itchy hands, expected la). Hui Joo was like jumping all over to reach the umbrella (she’s just not tall enough). So I said “shortcat is SHOoooooRt” lolz XD Evilz.

Then I went back, slept. *ahem* yea I’m a bit tired… so sleeping in the evenings kinda normal. Naps. =D

Woke up due to Kwang’s msg and Jeev’s call asking me for the password-ed post password. Lol.

Went out dinner with Jeev and Kwang, while Caleb follow Cornelius, and Daniel the Good Samaritan msged me too. So I enjoyed my meal pretty much even though it’s kinda expensive for a dish like that which costs around RM8+. Errk.

I’m broke… damnit. Anyway, so went to Bank and withdraw a bit, just in case for the upcoming ‘A Sea Symphony’. I asked you but you don’t want to accompany me… =( Lol.

On the way back to my house, I asked jeev and kwang about cologne and perfume. Don’t ask me why I asked suddenly, I won’t tell. =P

Then again, on the road to my house… In a blink of and eye, the electricity dropped… the whole area PITCH BLACK besides in campus… and the timing is so ‘chunted’ and it only happened when Cornelius just want to go my house to LAN party. Wow.

So we now ended up in OldTown Kopitiam, and thank god I plugged my power in for a while before dinner, if not I can’t even blog now. =P

Guess updates later, save battery, and might as well start coding. Later.

*If you have noticed, writing style is way different* =)

*Edit* well as usual I always kena blamed… so… nvm. As long as nothing fatal then it’s ok XD Maybe time for a new cipher. =P Ah yea, *oh crap I forgot what I want to add XD* Ok just remembered…

I don’t think it’s coincidence for my phone. Sync rate 90%~ ady… Right song ALWAYS kick in at the right time. Tho at times really really very bad timing… maybe it’s trying to tell me something? *ponders*

Pillows are comfy… just like humans. *hearts*

[Ok la kinda redundant ady. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… fly me to the moon… and let me play among the stars… let me see what spring is like
on Jupiter and Mars]

Uh huh so I came back. Hmm, electricity’s back. Probably read the codes for tomorrow’s Lab Exam. See what can I get and do lor…
Hope it’s not tough… 5% weh. >w<

Bath time.

Well, I guess I ran out of luck this time. Better luck next time. Damn Jeevan took my answer. I demand copyright infringement~ =P


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