Does String flush command work for humans?


Because if yes, I would straight away call it to dereference ‘something’ from me. ASAP.

Anyway, been to Tickle after chatting with someone that went to sleep, and I got this. It’s misleading for the title, personally I don’t find the title true.

Alex, the shape of your hand reveals that you are especially good at nurturing your relationships.

I don’t really find the title promising at first… until I read on. Yes, title is misleading, but from what the results show it’s quite accurate. I’m quite shocked. I usually think that Tickle returns generic results which is most of the time hopeless or inaccurate.

Something worth pondering:

Your thought process tends to be a balance of rational and imaginative approaches. While you can solve complex problems when necessary, you may also enjoy listening to your intuition when faced with decision-making. Your ability to draw on both rational and intuitive parts of your brain may be confusing to some, especially if your ability to do so is sporadic or inconsistent.

I wish. Then:

When you are confronted with difficulties in life, you may sometimes have trouble expressing yourself. With this challenge, it is hard to ask for help when you really need it.

Particularly accurate.

While this:

Your palm contains the Line of Psychic Ability, which is an arc that is an extension of your Mercury Line. While psychics do not always have the Line of Psychic Ability, those who have the line can more easily tap into their paranormal skills. Because of this, you may have psychic abilities that you can easily access.

Shows that I need to practice more. =D


Cipher – Unknown to the eye

dog slp pleh em ot tegrof reh
i dnatsrednu taht tahw taht si ton sruoy lliw ton eb sruoy
os esaelp pleh em ot teg revo siht noitautafni
tub neht niaga
i tnod dnim ot etoved eht tser fo ym efil ot eht eno i yllurt evol



One Response to “Does String flush command work for humans?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    i also wanna play the palm one 😛

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