I SEE IT COMING!!1111oneoneone


You see… told you today something weird will happen.

First of all, during lunch. In a moment I forgot the name and thought that it’s EconSave. God Lol XD

So went there, after such a long time since I last been there. Fine.

My laptop bag strap came off last night… ady like wtf… but that’s not the case.

Then discussion of ISE… Was stoning all the way… NVM. Laptop hibernation corrupted =X Never mind too, restarted and delete it and reboot.

Suddenly pulak got Java Class. =__= Expected too la… but… *tired ma*

In class, about to start, minutes away… My phone rang… So I thought it’s someone normal (All I gonna do….)

Then.. answer ady… Perma Stun 99 milliseconds. She called.

In Ipoh summore. =________________=

As if my parents gonna allow me to go Ipoh if I’m having my hols.

Then continued the class, and fortunately I manage to understand the objective questions… and ASSIGNMENT FOR JAVA was released. Speechless. Doomed. Doomed.

Continue on… the sky is pouring heavily. Thank god I bought my ‘girly’ umbrella <___< Really. My laptop’s gone man if I don’t have an unbrella… and apparently I ferried Ken and Cornelius to their cars.

Walk back, stoned a bit, saw Caleb… and the usual stuff lah.

Slept on his bed……………………………. and he slept on mine. LOL.

Woke up and went to dinner in Broga at NIGHT (as if daniel like to drive there at night). We did. =___=

Came back, while I’m opening the main door… STONED again… looking at my ‘wet’ clothes on the sofa which apparently looked like NS sport clothes from an angle through the glass. Hmm Caleb agreed too.

Man. Wow.



2 Responses to “I SEE IT COMING!!1111oneoneone”

  1. thejuggernaut Says:


  2. eXPeri3nc3 Says:

    Wait, which part you wtf with? Lol XD

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